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Writer's Guidelines
For SuccessNet Publications

Our Association and Editorial Focus
SuccessNet is an association of people dedicated to personal and professional development. This worldwide network is dedicated to helping its members be more profitable and gain greater fulfillment through the entrepreneurial and Intrepreneurial experience. 

Our mission is to inform and inspire people to be their bestópersonally and professionally.

The association supports individuals in becoming more knowledgeable, productive and effective. This is accomplished by providing valuable information, tools, resources, support, and discounts, as well as the opportunity to earn additional income.

How We Treat Articles
For an example of how we present articles, click here.

Content and Style
Most of our writing comes from freelancers and reprints from other publications. We welcome queries from writers and are particularly interested in profiles of people, topical pieces that explore an issue of concern to our readers and success stories that would inspire others.

We prefer a friendly style, but not one that is lackadaisical or cutesy. We seek vigorous writing. Use anecdotes, examples, samples, and quotes to strengthen the message of the article. Insert subheads and pull quotes that help the reader to locate particular sections and pull them into the article. 

Length of Articles
We pride ourselves on succinct articles that communicate clearly and quickly. Articles in Be Your Best!ô rarely exceed 800 words.

Submitting Articles
We ask that articles be sent as part of an email message and not as an attachment. 

Text should be left-justified with ragged right margins. Please do not use spaces in place of tabs and use only one space following punctuation between sentences. Indicate italicized type by using all caps in the word or phrase.

Illustrations and Photographs
Suggested illustrations or photos that could be run with your story are greatly appreciated.

Rights and Conditions
Writers published by SuccessNet are free to sell or publish their work elsewhere. If the piece was originally published by us, we ask that SuccessNet be credited as having been first. Example: "Copyright 20XX [author]. This article first appeared in the [issue] issue of
Be Your Best!ô.

We like to include a brief authorís bio and contact information at the end of each article. Itís our intention to provide promotional value to our authors as well as informational value to our readers. Your photo in gif or jpeg format is appreciated. Please include what you would like added.

Send your submissions to with ARTICLE SUBMISSION in the subject header.

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Shipping Address
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