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Info Think Tank 2005, June 23 - 26, Philadelphia, PA    

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In the wine cellar of the Moshulu, one of the top restaurants in Philadelphia—located on the tallest 4-masted schooner still afloat. From left to right (front), Judy Lawrence of Money Tracker, Barbara Keddy of Be Great Marketing, Milana Leshinsky of ACCPOW. Back row, Randy Gilbert of The Inside Success Show, Sterling Valentine, Bill Bergan, one of the Moshulu's owners, Dawn, me, and Phil Humbert.

Sterling Valentine (our dynamic facilitator), Dawn and me.

Dawn and me after dinner at The Chart House
(that's the battleship New Jersey in the background)

Milana Leshinsky, me and Dawn

That's me in “The Hot Seat” explaining an idea and
getting ready for a fire hose of ideas on how to implement it.

Sterling and me (AKA, the Blues Brothers)




















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Last Updated 06/29/2005