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Sizzle Sites
Each of these sites has been selected as a resource that can help you operate at your personal and professional best. SuccessNet searches the Net for valuable resources like these every week so you can spend more time learning and less time searching.

 October 2005

  Discover Your Unlimited Inner Abundance
Paul Bauer of Dreams Alive has just introduced a special 14-day risk-free trial of Creating Abundance that gives you firsthand experience of how it can help you eliminate whatever has been holding you back in life and attract what you want.

When you eliminate these limiting beliefs, you'll open up immense amounts of energy, passion and manifesting power.
Read more about how Creating Abundance can help you break through even your most difficult challenges and obstacles by visiting this page.

BTW, Paul provides valuable additional training modules and bonuses that come with Creating Abundance and these trainings are worth far more than the modest
investment in the program.
Take a close look and you'll see why . . .

  GoalPro Software

Tap into the power of GoalPro Software to clearly define and manage your goals. This is a simple-to-use yet powerful goal-setting system with time management features. In development for 15 years, this is the best there is for achieving your goals.  Right now, it's offered with a 43% discount, but you can try it for free for a full month. Find out more.

 September 2005

  Brian Tracy's 21 Success Secrets
21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires, by Brian Tracy
A free 74-minute audio program (CD). Learn how people become millionaires in one generation—starting from nothing. Free, pay S&H. A $19.95 course for free. Choose from dozens of titles.

  How I Created a 6-Figure Income Giving Away a Dead Guy's Book
Isn't that a great title? It's a great story, too. Vic Johnson tells about how in just a couple of years he created a half-a-million-dollar business with VERY little overhead. The bonus is my interview with Vic on how you can start a profitable internet business for under $500. Get the story here.

The American Red Cross is taking donations to help the tens of thousands of hurricane victims at

Following is a list of other Web sites offering disaster relief information:

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Phone: 1-800-621-FEMA

Louisiana Homeland Security

City of New Orleans

Louisiana Governor's Office

Catholic Charities
Phone: 1-800-919-9338

FEMA Charity tips

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
Ande Miller, Executive Director
Phone: 703-339-5596

 August 2005 - You don't have to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist. Give Meaning is a simple concept. To celebrate life's special moments, you buy a Give Meaning card to give to a loved one, friend or acquaintance. Your friend then comes to our website to choose the charity they would like to support with the funds from that card. You decide the value of the card and you get the tax receipt.

GoDaddy - domains and web hosting
We use GoDaddy for all our domain registrations. And we highly recommend them for web hosting. The company has come on strong and fast to become the largest domain registrar in the world. They have great customer service, VERY competitive pricing and are easy to use—even for the novice. If you haven't registered your own name as a domain—or your company's name—do it today. It's only a few bucks.
Get three special gifts being offered for the first time to help your company become a world class company.

World Class Business Coaching - a personalized and comprehensive, 'hold-your-hand and show you' experience that will lead you step-by-step in taking your business from ordinary to extraordinary! Full details, click here.

Paul Bauer's Creating Abundance Program
What stops you from creating the kind of success and prosperity you know you deserve?

Abundance Expert Paul Bauer helps you discover the limiting beliefs that stops even the smartest people from realizing the kind of success they're capable of. And you'll learn breakthrough methods on how to create lasting abundance in your life and in your business—even if you've tried many other prosperity programs before. My highest recommendation! 
Click here.
 July 2005

Mary Foley's “Bodacious Women’s Club”
A brand new organization to help women find more success in their business, their careers and in life. You can become a Trial Member of the Bodacious Women's Club for only $5! And get a free eBook just for subscribing to her newsletter. Full details here.

Mind Tools
This is a web site with a great track record for providing practical tools for all types of career advancement: time management, memory improvement, stress management, problem solving, decision making, project planning and more.
Coaching Business Weekly
One of the people at Think Tank last year and again this past weekend was our friend Milana Leshinsky of ACCPOW—the Association of Coaching & Consulting Professionals on the Web. If you're a coach or consultant, or interested in becoming a coach or consultant, we urge you to subscribe to her newsletter. Milana has a number of coaching web sites, and subscribing to Coaching Business Weekly (it's free) is where we would go first to tap into the wealth of resources and knowledge Milana has accumulated. In doing so, you'll discover how to become a well-known coach or consultant with your own information products, seminars, website, articles, books and more.
 June 2005
Coaching Business Weekly
One of the people at Think Tank last year and again this past weekend was our friend Milana Leshinsky of ACCPOW—the Association of Coaching & Consulting Professionals on the Web. If you're a coach or consultant, or interested in becoming a coach or consultant, we urge you to subscribe to her newsletter. Milana has a number of coaching web sites, and subscribing to Coaching Business Weekly (it's free) is where we would go first to tap into the wealth of resources and knowledge this young woman has accumulated. In doing so, you'll discover how to become a well-known coach or consultant with your own information products, seminars, website, articles, books and more.
Business Summaries offers summaries of business bestsellers in pdf, Powerpoint, PDA and audio formats made available electronically or by mail. You're busy, and you don't have time to dig through the thousands of business books that come out each year. But finding the most current 'business intelligence' is critical. For people who want to survive and thrive in today's economy, using Business Summaries is the fastest, most comprehensive way to find the best, most up-to-date business intelligence available. You can even subscribe to their free trial and receive business book summaries for a month. To learn more about online Business Book Summaries, use this link. makes online printing simple for your postcards, business cards, flyers and brochures. They offer convenient tools like a real-time order tracking system, order history, and live customer support to help take the hassle out of ordering online. They have a new website and a 24-hour turnaround policy to make your your print buying experience a snap. We were very pleased with their services.

JoAnna Brandi & Company is in business to help you create a Customer-Caring company that thrives, where your employees are motivated, customers are loyal and competitors are nervous! On this website, you'll find information to help you build a more customer-caring organization. JoAnna has been in the business of Customer Retention and Loyalty for over 14 years, and she has a lot of information, inspiration and motivation to share. We count on her for the best advice in customer care.

Flight Tracker
Ever rush to pick up someone at the airport, only to find their flight was delayed? This easy-to-use site allows you to track the status of a flight in real time. RLM Software brings real-time flight tracking to the World Wide Web, making current flight information available to the general public. Track flights by airline and flight number or by cities and times.
 May 2005

National Association of Health Underwriters
America's 45 million uninsured have a new tool for finding health coverage. The National Association of Health Underwriters has launched a new internet site that provides state-by-state information on health coverage options for many situations. This site offers a Health Care Coverage Options Database, an online tool to help make American health care consumers aware of all of the coverage options available to them. The Database contains information about private health insurance coverage, as well as the many public and private programs available to Americans to help them obtain the medical care they need.
We've been using for the past few weeks, and we're VERY pleased with the service. It allows us to PRINT postage on a mailing label and not have to deal with stamps or waiting in line at the post office. A valuable service for sure. Very well-designed and super easy to use. And it's only a few bucks a month. Well worth it when you consider overpayment of postage and time spent at the PO.

Go to , choose Sign Up Now (after installing a brief security application) and use this promo code: REFER1/2202886 (good through May 31) for a free trial and $80 worth of free services.

Improve Your Memory
Have you ever shaken somebody's hand and two seconds later you can't remember his or her name? If you're a business professional, you can shake the hand of that prospect and not only remember them today but six months from now. Dale Carnegie said that everyone's favorite subject is themselves and the sweetest sound to their ears is the sound of their own name.

Learn to remember names and much more in only 10 minutes a day.
Spirit Rising
This week's Sizzle Site has a little less to do with being your best and more to do with helping others. I learned about this organization from my former wife, Mary Collins who is the managing editor of their newsletter.

Spirit Rising is a 501c3 nonprofit group, founded 15 years ago on the Mattaponi Reservation in Virginia. It is not affiliated with any government or religious organization. All work is direct, without strings, and intended to assist the least affluent Native people to become more self-sufficient and self-directed while fostering self-pride in their important cultural heritage.

To subscribe, send an email to with "subscribe" in the subject.
 April 2005
This is a great service we've just recently discovered and made good use of. Get your current Credit Score from the three major credit reporting services.
Daily Insight
Register for free daily insights. A brief uplifting message in your inbox every weekday.
February 2005
Why go to every search engine to get results when you can access them all from one page? That's the idea behind, which gives users the option to receive results from 24 different engines. Type in the search term at the top of the page, clíck one of the search engine buttons and Mr Sapo displays results from that particular web site. You also have the option to limit your searchers by criteria such as images and audio/video.

Nightingale Conant
The world's largest distributor of personal and professional development programs. Books, audio and video programs from some of the world's best speakers and authors. Gold Members get a 35% discount (available through the private site).

is a web-based tool that lets you manage projects (or simply ideas) and quickly create client/project extranets. It lets you and your clients (or just your own internal team) keep your conversations, ideas, schedules, to-do lists and more in a password-protected central location. Basecamp is currently offered in five plans that range from free (which lets you manage one project) to $12/month then going up to $99/month for the unlimited plan. All paying plans include a 30-day free trial.
Marketing for Success
Helping You Attract More Clients and Grow Your Business. Attracting More Clients with a Better Marketing Plan. Learn how to get more prospects to contact you, position your firm as the experts to call, clarify the value of your products and services and sell more. You'll be more successful. Get Charlie Cook's Free Marketing Plan Guide, "7 Steps to Attract More Clients and Grow Your Business" and the Free Marketing Tips Ezine, "More Business". Charlie is a trusted expert and good friend. You can count on his products and his information doing what he says they will.
January 2005

Bargain Box
The latest worldwide travel bargains including airfare, hotel, car rental, cruise, family, student, senior and vacation packages can be found at Bargain Box. You can find all your favorite categories in one easy place, and take advantage of special search features designed to deliver a wide array of results for your departure city or destination of choice. Bargain Box is updated daily as new information becomes available, making it one of the most accurate and timely resources for tracking travel bargains.
Resources to help you get the right car at the right price. How to get the best deal. Save time, money. Top 10s. Best & worst lists. Financing. Tips & advice. Safety. Crash tests. Insurance. Coverage advice. And more.

Kelley Blue Book
Wondering how much your car is worth? The Kelley Blue Book is online. Enter information about the year, make, model and condition of virtually any popular vehicle and find out how much it's worth!

Here you'll find 28 channels of original articles, information, news, guides, links to the best resources and more, all designed to help you get the best value on the goods and services you want. They pledge to always keep you informed and help you maximize your buying power. This well-appointed collection is full of good advice on spending your money wisely.

December 2004
Another year ends. A new year begins. You can make it your best year ever with “My Goals 2005”. Your personal strategy you can download and start on today. Go see why best-selling author Burke Hedges said, “It is the absolute best training on goal setting I have ever heard.”

Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler has been writing, training and sharing her profound wisdom for years. Now she's the creative director behind an eZone likely to become the biggest, most in-depth and exciting Self-Discovery Community on the web. Quantum-Self is a must-visit. Access some of the world's best and brightest coaches, speakers and authors and utilize their wisdom to help you succeed.
Find the cheapest computer deal, cheapest hard drives and cheap digital cameras. Techbargainsis a great site dedicated to helping you save money on all your technology product purchases. They search the Internet and local stores for the best deal on the best products. Techbargains features continuously updated Bargain News Headlines with all the latest sales, bargains and deals. See what is on sale, so you can save the most money. Discount coupons for most of the major online stores. Hot Tip articles to educate users on specific topics.

November 2004
Experts and enthusiasts teach you about almost anything. Select your Guide to one of hundreds of topics covered on It's the one place on the Web where you'll find passionate people with practical advice and solutions for almost any problem. Whatever your needs, the answer is . . .
Tired of waiting for your tech person to solve your computer problems? Take matters into your own hands. This great site for tech advice can help you do everything from troubleshooting a network to editing a Web site. You can browse the Libraries or register for the Online Helpdesk services so you can post queries. Try it out; it may be everything you need.

Fast Company
This fine magazine has a super web site as well. Great articles and resources.
October 2004
The Microsoft Small Business Center provides tailored business advice, customer support options and information about Microsoft products and services in a single point of access. Use the helpful Online Services & Tools, browse through the Learning Center or surf around the Small Business Community.

Microsoft Office Template Gallery
offers over 3,000 templates for calendars, planners, resumes, greeting cards, business plans and more. You can even do a template search by office program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher). The templates are easy to download and customize. Whatever the occasion, you’ll have a template that you can use or modify to fit your need perfectly.

Top 100 American Speeches
A complete index to and partial text and audio database of the 100 most significant American political speeches of the 20th century, according to 137 leading scholars. Find out who made the cut and experience the power of rhetorical eloquence in this provocative list of "who's who" in American public address.
September 2004
Mastery TV
Master your relationships, your health and your wealth with this FREE program from Mastery TV.  You will learn . . .
  • The secret way to attract massive success and avoid constant failure

  • How to become a person of influence, power and charismatic magnetism

  • How to attract key business contacts, loyal friends and loving relationships

  • How to inspire greatness in others and much more . . .

The Self-Help Salon
Where coaches, speakers and self-help authors get known now. If you're looking to become a nationally recognized self-help expert, you'll want to become well acquainted with this site. Our friend Suzanne Falter-Barns literally wrote the book on how to build your platform as a self-help expert. Be sure to subscribe to her free eZine.
The Inside Success Show
Our good friend Randy Gilbert invites you to join him on this fun-filled Internet Radio Talk Show. Learn from some of the most successful people in the world. Become a Gold Member of "The Inside Success Show", and you'll get over $3,000 worth of power-packed, life-changing and business building interviews.
Optimize Life
Our friend and member, author, speaker Dr. Rhoberta Shaler has a site loaded with tools for solving people problems on your own. Be sure to subscribe to her newsletter: 'Wrestling Rhinos' and learn how to handle the many challenges of dealing with difficult situations—at home and at work.
August 2004
Make a Living Online
With so many people today trying to sell you stuff on how to make money online, you need to know who you can trust. Jim Daniels is that guy. We always know we can depend on his advice. He speaks from experience--he's been at it even longer than we have. Be sure to sign up for his membership site. It's loaded with great stuff you can use right away to run a bigger, better Internet business.
Michael Angier calls it the "Poor Man's Affiliate Program", but it's really more than that. If you don't have a merchant's account, they can be an ideal solution. And even if you already have a merchant's account, you can use them to sell your products or affiliate with them to sell the products of others. They are an online distribution center with over 10,000 digital products and services.  They have a reliable and economical service. Alexa Ranking: 528
We've had some recent and very positive experience with this excellent service. Create a proposal for graphic design, programming, web site design, etc. (at no cost) and have computer programmers, designers and writers from all over the world bid on your project. It's fast and inexpensive (you only pay a $5 fee when you pick a bidder and award the project).
Our friend Vic Johnson has developed a unique web site where you can download and listen to the best success classics ever written. It's loaded with all kinds of valuable resources you can use to help you achieve your dreams.
July 2004
Bill Myers Online
One of the most popular membership sites on the Net. Bill Myers Online gives you direct, searchable access to a wealth of tools, tutorials, strategies, advice and information about product development and marketing. Alexa Rating: 6,608
At Pandia you can learn how to search the Web more efficiently, read about search engines and sites devoted to searching and gain easy access to all the best tools and search engine resources on the Internet. Read their free beginners' guide to search engine promotion, and visit their search engine gateway gathering all the best SE ranking sites, tools and resources. Alexa ranking: 31,844

June 2004
The site is one of the largest and most trusted sources of freeware, shareware, and other software downloads. You can read the helpful software reviews, check out the user and CNet ratings and view useful publisher's descriptions. Alexa Ranking: 478
There are thousands of free Wireless (WiFi) hot spots around the country. is one of the most comprehensive and friendly WiFi Web directories that lists free WiFi hot spots by state. If you're traveling to a foreign country, there's a listing of countries organized by continent. You'll find listings for many services like cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, airports, downtown business districts, malls, retail stores, etc., that are open to the public. Alexa Ranking: 119,248
Take the Father’s Day Quiz to find out how many ties are sold in the United States each year. InformationPlease has been providing authoritative answers to all kinds of factual questions since 1938--first as a popular radio quiz show, then starting in 1947 as an annual almanac, and since 1998 on the Internet at Browse through its many almanac sections covering topics, such as, World History, World Rulers, Business Leaders, Current Events, Internet Statistics and Resources. Have fun in the Fact Monster section—full of kids’ games and puzzles, but fun for adults, too! Alexa Ranking, 3,737
Sign up for this free business newsletter that shares tips & advice for starting a business or buying an existing business. You’ll read an inspiring Business Thought of the Day, suggestions on how to improve sales and profits and learn a Business Term of the Day. Alexa Ranking 87,334

 May 2004
How Crëdit Reports Work? How Computer Viruses Work? How CDs Work? In-depth answers to these questions and many, many more are found at This site is home to HowStuffWorks, Inc., an award-winning media and e-learning company. Make learning about computers, money, health, people, science and electronics fun through a powerful combination of real-world topics, lively text, superior graphics and online interactive features. Alexa Ranking 1,860.

Lower My Bills
"Spend Less on Your Bills and More on Yourself." That’s the powerful message headlining this popular and highly useful site. LowerMyBills is a simple and intuitive Web site: you compare rates and services, tailor a service to your needs and sign-up for the plan that is best for you—all online. It is the first nationwide site that empowers you to lower all of your monthly bills—from insurance to long distance—all in one place. And it's free to use! You can save in 14 different categories of unavoidable monthly bills with more coverage to come. Alexa ranking 13,795
Be a Cost Blaster. This web site offers invaluable advice on cutting cost associated with virtually every aspect of doing business. provides countless money-saving web links and gives you helpful tips for reducing your business expenses for payroll, telephone, utilities, insurance, rent, marketing, information technology and printing, to list just a few. Learn how to "uncover sneaky leaks". Alexa ranking: 831,642
This online resource offers practical advice on all areas of business, from financial planning to customer care and sales management. Visitors can sign up for their free weekly newsletter. Their multi-media capability allows you to tune in to "The Small Business Advocate Show", a nationally syndicated radio/Internet talk show featuring hundreds of experts dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. 

 April 2004
Sharpen your sales skills using the tips offered by this online resource. At, you'll find sales training and sales coaching to help you overcome resistance to cold calling, better qualify prospects, close without pressure or anxiety and deliver strong sales presentations.

Survey Sites
CreateSurvey is a mostly no-cost service that lets you build and run online surveys. It's possible to create a complex multi-page survey with triggers, custom graphics and layout as well as a simple poll of several questions.
KeySurvey provides online survey software solutions and professional research services to businesses. Conference feedback and course evaluation surveys are two of the site's specialties.
SurveyConsole is designed as a self-service offering that allows clients access to customizable survey templates from its survey library, or build your own surveys. Surveys are built utilizing a Web browser interface.
We're not due for another full-scale U.S. census until 2010, but our communities are nonetheless changing all the time. To see a great deal of state-by-state data on everything from local poverty rates to household composition to ethnic makeup, drop by this well-designed site, which presents part of what is learned in the ongoing series of yearly surveys the Bureau conducts. Alexa Ranking 2,413
Enjoy the best of lifelong learning every day. America's college-level stars teach courses specifically performed for lifelong learners. Shop on-line for easy-to-use, noncredit courses in philosophy, music, history, literature, science, business and economics, psychology, religion and more. Most are available in audio or video format. Alexa Ranking: 57,734
Finally! Language learning that delivers. Fast, effective instruction that rewards effort with success. The Rosetta Stone offers CD and Online solutions for every use. Individuals at home, at work or on the road. Teachers. Trainers. Institutions with global networks. Over 5 million users in 108 countries simply say, "It works!" Alexa Ranking: 30,459

Three tools to help you become financially independent
Get a free copy of The One-Minute Millionaire (regularly $19.95), Multiple Streams of Income CD and a two-session teleconference for only $11.95 (a $329 value) with NO shipping or handling. This is a great way to get a great book and a whole lot more for very little.

 March 2004

Smart Biz Books
Startup Guides, Reference Guides, Business Software and more.

Entrepreneur Magazine
This publication has come a long way in the past few years. It's a great resource. If you're a business owner or manager, it's a magazine you should be getting. Free issue.

Jim Rohn is America's foremost Business Philosopher
He's addressed over 6,000 audiences, over 4 million people, and he's one of our favorite speakers. His wisdom is something everyone should become familiar with. Subscribe to his weekly newsletter, get at LEAST one of his tape programs. It's a valuable investment in your future.

Are you a small business looking to outsource a project? Find the right professional to get the job done. Or, if you're looking for projects to bid on, this is the place to go.

The Top 25
The best cities—large, medium and small—where job growth is robust and economies are strong. Even Burlington, VT made it into the small city list.
 February 2004
The Art & Science of Exquisite Customer Care
An eMastery course for people who want to transform their customer service into EXCEPTIONAL Customer Care. A dynamic, robust web site is included with this extensive eCourse. We HIGHLY recommend this course.
The Easy eZine Toolkit
Discover the secrets behind the Web's most successful eZine newsletters. Michael Green's proven trade secrets to build your own successful eZine publication.
Dream-Minder: Software for Personal Life Enhancement
Paul Bauer has developed an inspiring tool to help you achieve your Life's Dreams, your passions; things you LOVE to do in life. They're inspiring, innovative and fun to use. And they WORK. We encourage you to experience them for yourself. Dream-Minder is "Software that Frees Your Mind and Lifts Your Spirit".
Stay on Top of What the Web is Saying
Be notified of information about you, your company or even your competition as it gets posted on The Web. A free service that searches Google daily, allowing you to track up to five words or phrases and updating you with the results.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Better Internet Bureau
Book Publishers Association

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