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Shift From Struggle to Success:
Strategies for a lot more success
and satisfaction in your life
by Sarah Pond, Certified Life Coach

Table of Contents

Part One—The Foundation of Success
   Chapter 1: Shift Out of Struggle
     Exercise 1: Flow
     Exercise 2: Expressing It
     Exercise 3: Affirmation
  Chapter 2: True Essence (Who You Are)
     Exercise 4: Connecting with Your True Essence
     Exercise 5: Foundation Questionnaire
     Exercise 6: Express It
  Chapter 3: Life Purpose: What You Are Doing Here
     Exercise 7: Discovering the Qualities of Your Life Purpose
     Exercise 8: Express It
     Exercise 9: Statement of Life Purpose
Part Two—Success Strategy
  Chapter 4: Intent: Your Best Life is Built from the Inside Out
     Exercise 10: Statements of Intent
  Chapter 5: Four Little Words to Blow Away the Cobwebs
     Tips for Uncovering What You Want
     Exercise 11: What Do You Want?
  Chapter 6: Your Success; Your Way . . . Picture it!
     Exercise 12: Create Your Big Picture
     Exercise 13: Get Creative
  Chapter 7: Intensify Your Focus
     Exercise 14: Focus on Your Laser Goals
  Chapter 8: Beyond Good Intentions
     Exercise 15: Decide on an Action Step
  Chapter 9: Become an Action Hero
     Exercise 16: Take Action NOW
  Chapter 10: Fast-track Your Success
     Exercise 17: Make Your Steps S.M.A.R.T.
  Chapter 11: Get the Results You Want
  Chapter 12: Stay the Course!
     Exercise 18: Mid-Course Adjustment
  Chapter 13: No-Failure Zone
  Chapter 14: When Nothing is Going According to Plan
    Bonus Tool: Persistence
    Tips to Help You Persist, Despite Everything
Final Thoughts
About the Author

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