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Customer Service


Customer Service is more than just a policy at SuccessNet; it's a core value.

Personally responding to emailed inquiries is an integral part of our day at SuccessNet Headquarters. Listening to our customers and providing information solutions and a quality SuccessNet experience is a task we consider vital. Not only that, we ENJOY providing great service. That's just who we are.

When you use our Help Desk and ask a question, make a comment or express a concern, you can expect a response by the next business day. That's policy. But the reality is you'll likely hear back in a matter of hours and often in just a few minutes!

Exceptionally responsive, we aim to DELIGHT.

For the best assistance, Please use our Help Desk.

Email Filters:
If you use any of the following email services, this is for YOU!

  •      AOL

  •      Hotmail

  •      Yahoo

  •      MSN

  •      Any other web-based email program

You MUST enter our address in your personal address book, or the filters may prevent you from receiving email from us. Just go to your address book and enter SuccessNet and our email address:

     Name: Michael Angier/SuccessNet


And, for Hotmail and any other service that provides a 'Safe List', be sure to add our address and domain to your Safe List. In Hotmail, for instance, log on to your account, choose 'Options' and then look down the list and below 'Junk Filters', you'll see the words, Safe List. Just add and the domain, to your list, and you'll never miss any of our mailings.

Correct/Update Your Account:
Let us know. If it's not correct, you can easily and quickly update your record with us. Just go to

Change Your Email Address:
Most mailings to you include a link at the end to change your email address. If you use this feature, it will change your email address for all mailings—not just that one.

Change Your Contact Information:
If you're a subscriber, we have an easy and quick web form for doing so. You can change all your contact information (name, address, phone number, etc.), EXCEPT your email address. Click Here.

If you're a Gold Member, log in and click on "Change Password/Edit Profile"

Our Core Values:
Check out SuccessNet's Core Values. They're our five key values and serve as a guiding light in all our endeavors. You'll find them here.



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