Are You Looking to Create a Major Business Breakthrough This Year?

If you're really serious, you are invited to spend two full days of intensive time with 3 other business owners in creating the breakthrough you've been wanting.

During these two days, working as a team, you will be masterminding and becoming immersed in each other's businesses.

Exclusive—Only 4 participants at a time will gather
at our home in Florida.

Michael and Dawn Angier will mentor you in assessing, investigating, brainstorming, strategizing and implementing the best practices for you and your colleagues in reaching your respective business goals.

When you emerge from this 2-day intensive you will be transformed and so will your business. Imagine your satisfaction when you have been through a top-to-bottom business analysis and you walk away with your own blueprint for success!

  • You will have a clear Mission Statement and Vision Statement to guide you.

  • You will have incredible clarity about who your Target Market is, what they want, why they want it, how they buy, and how you can serve them while solving their business problems.

  • You'll have a complete SWOT Analysis. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You'll know who your real competition is and what kind of a team you need to move forward.

  • You'll know your sales funnel and back end and how to move customers through the funnel easily and deliberately.

  • You will produce high quality and relevant marketing materials after having them critiqued by the whole group.

  • You will have new processes and systems in place after the group examines how your business operates and advises you where you need to change things.

  • We guarantee you will have fun as you work through your challenges in a non-threatening learning environment with a knowledgeable support team behind you.

  • You will marvel how you have been able to find hidden resources and unexploited opportunities. The group will help you search for, and uncover these secrets.

This intimate Business Summit will help you create the true strategic plan you have dreamed about for your business. You will get the answers you have been looking for . . .

  • Where you want to take your business?

  • How you will get there?

  • How much money have you been leaving on the table and how to start claiming it?

  • How do you establish the right priorities?

  • How do you uncover the hidden assets and opportunities which have escaped you?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

If you are truly committed to having the business breakthrough you've dreamed about, this is the perfect opportunity for you to participate in a very intimate and life-changing event . . .

  • Only 3 other businesses will be represented.

  • You will participate in a private phone meeting with Michael prior to the retreat to get you prepared and focused.

  • You will be spending two full days in the comfort of Michael and Dawn's home. Meeting, eating, socializing, masterminding and strategizing in a gorgeous Florida setting.

  • You'll have the opportunity to participate in a follow-up "Roundtable" 30 days after the event. The group will be able to support you well beyond the Summit.

  • You will follow-up with a one-on-one personal phone call with Michael. He will check your progress, review your plans and actions, and set the stage to accelerate your results.

The results will be astounding—guaranteed!


When you make the decision to be part of this Business Summit, you can expect to come away with . . .

  • Real clarity about your business, where you want to take it—and how.

  • Solid savings and/or clear plans to add or create $100,000 to your business.

  • A clear understanding of how your business can serve you instead of it being served by you.

  • More insights and "aha's" than you will believe possible, and not leaving them at the event when you return home.

  • Ideas and strategies you can put into practice right away and many to employ later on as your business grows.

  • Newly discovered income streams that will not only amaze you, but will add to your wealth and abundance.

  • Shared involvement, working as a team, building life-long friendships, associations and connections. This team will "have your back," and be a support system for you from now on.

  • A clear set of priorities, action steps and motivational tools which will keep you focused and moving forward.

  • Your personal Strategic Plan, the clear roadmap to your business success, insuring you will handle the roadblocks and detours that may be ahead.

Wait, there's even more! You'll receive more than $3,000 in bonuses to support your breakthrough.

Lifetime SuccessNet Gold Membership ($199 value)

Complete access to all of the valuable tools and resources of SuccessNet, and free or significant discounts on many of our products. A complete listing of the benefits of SuccessNet Gold Memebership can be found at: [].

6 Months of Diamond Club Membership ($1,182 value)

Connection with a group of highly motivated, success driven people on the path to personal and professional growth. 2 Training Calls per month hosted by Michael Angier, all recorded and available download for your lifetime listening. Mastermind opportunities in small groups that meet weekly to support your efforts. (If you are already a member, we'll add on 6 more months). More about Diamond Club can be found at: [].

2 Tickets to SuccessNet Summit 2010($794 value)

Just ask anyone who has been a participant of this business oriented, personal growth event, if attending was worth it. Every person has come away from the Summit with valuable insights, new connections, action plans and strategies. This years summit will be held in Dallas, TX in November. Details of the event are forthcoming, but you can read about last year's event at: [] and even get access to the free "preview calls" which are still available on the site.

Complimentary Lunch and Dinner

Michael and Dawn will provide all of the food for lunch and dinner on both days of the event. You will not be disappointed, nor have to concern yourself about finding a restaurant. Plus, we'll honor any food restrictions or dietary requirements!

Transportation Provided for Your Comfort & Convenience

We will provide transportation to/from Tampa International airport and a hotel nearby.

Register Today ~ Space is Very Limited (4 per retreat)
Spouse or Partner only $500 extra

One payment of $1497 and 6 payments of $197
(after 60 days)


One Payment of $2497

Diamond Club Members, use this one payment option
and your coupon code to get your discount.


PS: Your expectations for this this event should be very high.
We WILL deliver on our promise.


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