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Contact: Dawn Angier 802.660.0722
December 13, 2006, South Burlington, Vermont

101 Best Ways to Be Your Best Being Published in Japan

Michael Angier's latest book is being published this month by
Discover 21, a Japanese publisher in Tokyo.

This is the first international publication of any of SuccessNet's books.
The U.S. version was published in 2005.

101 Best Ways to Be Your Best is a compilation of the most popular articles
Michael Angier has written over the last 10 years.

The book tells stories of struggle and achievement, offers practical advice,
motivates those on a quest for their best and shares the steps of Angier's
own personal journey from Vermont farmer to international success guru.

Author Jim Rohn, America's foremost business philosopher, says, “Michael
Angier gives a textbook full of the ABC’s to success. Not only a must read
but a very enjoyable one as well!”

Angier said, "It's an easy read. The chapters are short—you can start
and stop anywhere you like. And each story inspires, educates, motivates
and entertains."

The English version of 101 Best Ways to Be Your Best is available in many
North American bookstores as well as Amazon. Signed copies and audio
sample chapters are available at

Photos and more information available at

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