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Get Clear, Stay Focused and Make Consistent and Significant Progress on Your Most Important Objectives.

We’ll open up the SuccessNet products vault, give you direct access to Michael, introduce you to his worldwide network of friends and colleagues; provide training, support, exclusive discounts, tools, motivation, advice, new cutting edge technologies and more.


Coaching with Michael


All SuccessNet Products at no additional cost


Two tickets to a live event


The Lifestyle Business System™


At least 3 live training/brainstorming events per month

By being part of Michael’s private inner circle you can expect to reach new heights of achievement by creating the support structure you need to CONTINUALLY accomplish your objectives.


You’ll learn the strategies, tactics and tools—and you’ll get THE SUPPORT YOU NEED to blast through your self-imposed limits and rocket yourself to success.

Michael will share with you the best of what he’s learned in his 35+ years of study, research and experience. And you’ll work together to make sure your goals are achieved. You’ll accomplish not only more goals, but bigger, more inspiring goals—goals that create the most fulfillment for you.

You will have more support, more clarity, more opportunity and a better network than you’ve ever experienced.

This program has but one purpose: to help YOU achieve
YOUR goals—in your life, in your career and in your business.

The key to LONG-TERM growth and success

is to stay informed and motivated on a CONSISTENT basis.

Being part of Michael’s Inner Circle will do that for you.

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The payback has been impressive—a 31% increase practically overnight!
Mike Conroy
- Mike Conroy
Conroy and Company at KWvermont at Keller Williams Realty
I plunged into SuccessNet with both feet by signing up and haven’t looked back since!

The year I did that I took 100% ownership of a partnership, started up a new company, increased my real estate holdings by 5x, and started a new venture with national aspirations. I’m indebted to Michael, my Master Mind Team and SuccessNet for the support and specific ideas I have gathered from them.

They have helped me:
  - tighten up my business planning with specific tools
  - identify resources on the web I’ve used that I would never have found
  - consider new ways to accomplish more with less time and given me the tools to do it
  - given me marketing ideas from outside my ’industry’ that are fresh and insightful
  - offered a support network when I needed it

I chose to ‘invest’ in my future with SuccessNet and Michael’s Inner Circle, and can tell you, the payback has been impressive.

I’ve found the best way to success is to skip the early mistakes, learn what the best do and emulate them from the start. SuccessNet is loaded with ‘the best’ and you’ll ramp up whatever it is you do by connecting with them! 


I recommend this program...
Joe Mitchell
- Joe Mitchell III, Esquire
. . . I particularly enjoyed the Masterminding, which allowed me to regularly and weekly focus on my goals, the places where things weren’t working and the places where I could do better. I constantly made promises that stretched me and which I wouldn’t have made otherwise . . .

. . . overall, the entire experience with the regular teleconferences, the free stuff, the ongoing support in many different ways, has definitely contributed to me creating a purpose-driven life that I am extremely happy with.  I recommend the program to anyone looking for a supportive environment to pursue their goals.

 Listen to the details

Michael will introduce you to some of his valuable contacts from around the globe. Some of them will even be on the live conference calls.

Just how much could you accomplish if you had the right information, beliefs, the proper skills and enough clarity, focus and support?

If you’re smart, hard-working, well-intentioned and STILL not making the progress you think you should be, this program is for YOU!

Michael will take you under his wing, share the best he’s got and keep you accountable. You’ll learn, grow and accomplish your goals together.

Features . . .

  In-depth, business evaluation/business makeover

  Training Calls on Success Principles

  Lifetime Membership in SuccessNet

  Lifestyle Business System Membership New!

  SuccessNet products at no cost (worth thousands of dollars)

  Joint venture opportunities

This is for You if You . . .

  Are truly ready to claim the success you deserve

  Are willing to make significant changes

  Are ready to play a bigger game—a game worth playing

  Are sick and tired of not getting what you deserve

  Want to get clear on what you really want and why you want it

  Want to create something extraordinary

  Are ready to take your life to a whole new level

Michael, your program rocks!
Tamara Dorris
- Tamara Dorris
author, trainer
My mastermind meeting has become like a group of trusted partners.

But the one thing I want to add for anyone who is thinking about NOT joining your program, is that the products and opportunities you make available to us are truly priceless. You must be constantly out there finding goodies for us that we get to enjoy, learn and prosper from just by being on your team.

Join and take your life to the next level!

Why We Created this Program

For 18 years, we’ve been sharing information and offering inspiration and ideas to people from around the world to help them be more successful. And we’re pretty darn good at it, too. Nearly half a million people have been positively impacted. During that time, SuccessNet has become one of the most trusted sites on the Web.

But information and ideas—no matter how good—isn’t enough. We know, because we talk to people every day who have great information and inspiring goals. They work hard and they care about things that matter. They’ve experienced success, but deep down inside, they know they can BE, DO and HAVE more in their life.

They’ve told us—YOU’VE told us—that you need help. You need more structure, more support and more accountability. You want a way to fuel that fire and passion that makes life worthwhile and gives you the ability to take action and move forward.

That’s what Michael’s Private Inner Circle is all about. That’s what you get to experience!

Over the past 35 years—and especially the last 18—Michael has learned and developed critical strategies that can be completely duplicated to create substantial breakthroughs in the way you determine, plan and achieve your objectives. Working together, we’ll make these strategies and tools live and work in your life.

I’ve grown to trust Michael’s resources...
Judy Whalen
- Judy Whalen
Michael Angier’s program is one of the best things I’ve done for myself and for my clients. The benefits have far surpassed the membership fee. The variety, volume and quality of the resources is amazing!

I’ve grown to trust Michael’s resources and his business acuity so much that I am participating in this program and getting to experience more of SuccessNet as well as Michael’s expertise. Since I coach my own clients, I am very selective about which programs I participate in, draw information from and refer to my clients. Michael’s program is truly outstanding.

But beyond the quality of the resources, the aspect that most attracts me to SuccessNet is the personal integrity and sincerity of Michael and his team. They truly do deliver more than they promise. His “down-to-earth” common-sense approach to business and life makes him believable and approachable. His manner of interacting with his clients is very thoughtful, warm and genuine. These qualities—often hard to find in busy executives—sets Michael and SuccessNet far above other organizations.

If you’re ready to take yourself to the next level, if you’d like to double—or even quadruple—your revenues in the next 12-18 months, then you’ll want to be part of this unique experience.

Empower your vision, state your intention and go for the “brass ring”.

What Goals Do You Want To Achieve?

  Increase your income by 50-100%

  Launch a new product

  Start a new business or division within your current company

  Finally lose that extra weight, get fit, and really start taking care of yourself

  Meet new people, get involved in your community, and network more effectively

  Design that investment strategy, plan your retirement

  Eliminate your debt

  Buy a dream home, drive the car you've always wanted or the boat you've wanted to captain

  Start your own business

  Grow your business, develop the strategies to keep your customers coming back

  Write a book or articles that you've always wanted to write

  Take the vacation of a lifetime—the one you've always dreamed about

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This Will Be a Major Turning Point in Your Life

Almost all success stories can be traced back to one single point in time—to one decision or event—that made a profound change in the way they operated. This program can be that for you.

Be prepared for profound discoveries, ahas, insights and remarkable breakthroughs.

Ordinary people can produce extraordinary results if they have the clarity, the tools, the belief and the support to make it happen. By working with Michael, you’ll have all that and more.

Growth and prosperity...
Jack Bolowskie
- Jack Bolowskie
Krav Maga of Dallas, TX

Michael has been very instrumental in the success of my business.

He helped me make a difficult decision that created an extremely profitable breakthrough . . . a whole new level of growth and prosperity.


Listen to the details

This program is NOT for you if you . . .

  are unwilling to take an honest look at yourself

  are not open to new—and sometimes revolutionary—ideas

  want to hang on to your excuses

  if you think this is a replacement for therapy

  want your life to remain the same

  are living only in survival mode


Get to the Next Level...
Milana Leshinsky
- Milana Leshinsky

Michael Angier is one of the most intuitive people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. 

Even though I’ve been in business for years and consider myself quite successful, I found working with him to be truly eye-opening in many areas of my business.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get to the next level and doesn’t mind stretching to new possibilities and insights!

Napoleon Hill found that successful people make decisions quickly. And change them—if at all—very slowly.

Imagine the possibilities that a program like this could mean for your life, your family, your business, your career and your unfulfilled dreams.

Don’t hesitate. Do it now!

Each mastermind meeting, round table and training is recorded in order to accommodate those who might miss part or all of a particular meeting and to allow participants an easy review of each training.

Your Inner Circle Membership Begins as Soon as You Enroll.
We’ll start you off with our new Snapshot™ tool to help you assess exactly where you are now and better determine where you want to go. You’ll also be given full access to all membership levels in SuccessNet.

We will give you immediate free access to several programs, reports and tools to help you get very clear on the goals you want to achieve in the months ahead.

The tuition for Michael’s Inner Circle is only $147 $97 a month.

This is an incredible value enabling you to have access to exceptional training, mentoring, masterminding and networking which will make you more productive than ever before.

It’s not about what it costs, it’s about what it’s worth. And NOT participating in this program could cost you tens of thousands of dollars of unearned income.

Remember, hope is not a strategy. And unless you make changes, it’s highly unlikely the next couple of years will be much different than the last two.

P.S. How many months will you allow to go by WITHOUT achieving your most important goals? Make this the LAST one.

If you’re interested in this program but still have questions, please call Michael at 352.470.0812.

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