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In Ready of Not you'll learn about character and integrity—about honor and courage. You'll read first-hand, graphic accounts of air battles, sacrifice and survival.



“You've written a great book. I stayed awake until midnight reading it cover to cover. Your story reminds me of a line from Shakespeare: “With this story shall the good man teach his son.”

—Ken Blakebrough


“Seldom in the course of human history are we privileged enough to know the personalities we read about. With J. Francis Angier, his sacrifices and endeavors brings realism to the vast uncertainty of war. This book was hard to put down—a fascinating read.”

—Thomas Van Bramer


“A poignant piece of history beautifully narrated by a man for whom I have much respect and affection.”

—Karen Shulin


“Thank you for writing such a wonderful and inspiring book; what a tremendously moving testimony of a very good man, dedicated to fight for and protect our precious country.”



“When the book arrived, I started reading immediately and could hardly put it down.”

—Ruth Cheney Ryan


 “I have enjoyed your book. It's excellent! It opened my eyes more to what you all endured for the sake of freedom. I believe God spared you from death and brought you home for a reason—perhaps to write this book.”

—Florence Vincent


  Ready or Not: Into the Wild Blue
The Aviation Career of a B-17 Bomber Pilot

Success Networks, 300 pages, paperback


J. Francis Angier was born to fly. Raised on a Vermont farm, trained as a B-17 pilot and later as a jet and helicopter pilot, his aviation career spanned over thirty years. His love of flying was only exceeded by his love of family and country.

Shot down over Germany on his 33rd combat mission in October of 1944, he spent over seven months as a POW before being liberated. His training, air battles capture and survival are part of the story. So too are many of the experiences that positioned and prepared him for his adventures.

As you read his accounts, his insights and his feelings, you'll come to understand and appreciate one of the many heroes of what Tom Brokaw has called, “The Greatest Generation”.


  Read the Foreward by Michael Angier

Contact the author . . .

    J. Francis Angier
7 Chelsea Circle
Williston, Vermont 05495 USA

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Also published in the United Kingdom.


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