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You Are Invited
to a Fireside Chat with Michael Angier on
The Seven Deadly Roadblocks that Stop You
from Achieving the Success You Deserve

From the desk of Michael Angier, founder of SuccessNet . . .

Yes, there's something that stands between you
and the great success that you deserve.

You see, no matter how well you’re doing, I know you can be
more, do more and have more than you do now.

You Can Think Bigger
You can accomplish more with less work and you can enjoy
the process more than you are currently.

As Jim Rohn says, “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.”

And it’s the fundamentals that trip most people up.

They either don’t know them or they don’t practice them.
I can help you with that—and I’d like to do so.

I see people all the time with great potential. They’re hard working
and well intentioned—smart, good people who care. But that’s not
enough. You have to be focused and consistent. And in this day and age,
that’s getting harder to do—unless you have the proper support.

This Wednesday at 5 PM Eastern Time, I'll be conducting one of my rare “Fireside Chats”. This one will be on
The Seven Deadly Roadblocks that Stop You from
Achieving the Success You Deserve.

And I'll also be sharing three great ways you can overcome
these deadly roadblocks.

There is no charge for the conference call except for any long-distance
phone charges you incur. And you can even attend via the Web
instead of using your phone.

Replay Now Available
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Print out the web page as a reminder and also
schedule this event into your calendar.

I have some brand new ideas on how you can become substantially
more clear, stay fiercely focused and achieve uncommon consistency.

Be ready to gain some valuable insights and take advantage of
some never-before-offered opportunities.

See you on the call.

And make it a great day,

PS: You cannot afford to wait until things get better. Once you're aware of and understand the things that stand in your way and how to overcome them, you will be able to weather the challenges of this recession. You will thrive instead of merely survive. Please join me this Wednesday.

Replay Now Available
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