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  Diamond Club 2006 Win List  

Diamond Club Program




The Diamond Team is about achieving our most important goals. Here's just a sampling  of the goals accomplished, tolerations eliminated and other achievements by this dedicated group of winners . . .

lost 45 pounds of weight (Michael H)
got very clear about my business and the direction I want to take it in the years ahead, fired some clients who were not serving me well and vice versa, raised my fees to reflect the value I add to my clients and I moved to more retainer-oriented relationships and fewer one-shot programs, This approach already has almost $150K of business booked for 2007 which will require far less time on my part because of the leverage involved (Michael H)
hired a new virtual assistant and a web designer/marketing person which has massively increased my productivity and effectively laid the ground work for amazing success in 2007 (Michael H)
asked by a major client to submit a proposal for on-going work for next year (Lorraine L)
paid off 3 large loans ~ getting that debt load down, down, down (Lorraine L)
Went on a cruise vacation during the week after Thanksgiving, had a great time (Lorraine L)
received advance from Japanese publisher on 101 Best Ways to Be Your Best - publishing this month (Michael A)
finished totally remodeling my house and readied for sale (Dee Anne M)
number one goal for this year: got well and healthy (Dee Anne M)
developed positive and empowering thinking skills that will serve me for the rest of my life (Dee Anne M)

got an appointment to meet with an organization that has a home like we are wanting to start for young girls who have small children, no education and no job. (Chester T)

gave over $2K to charity (Michael A)

edited and published our first video on the web (Michael A.)
got retirement website site launched (Jane H)
finalized a comprehensive new vision for my business that will lead to over $1 million in sales in 2007 (Michael H)
booked an additional $100,000 in business for 2007 during August & September (Michael H)
secured a virtual assistant to support admin tasks and project management
(Michael H)
doubled my sales team. 2 more and I will meet my first goal (Deb P)
increased my sales to over $900.00 working the business part-time (Deb P)
found something that I love to do! That is the best of all (Deb P)
got an offer to have my latest book translated and published in Japan. It even includes a nice advance (Michael A)
achieved goal of lowering car payments by $500 per month and purchased two new cars which we are really enjoying ~ great gas mileage, too! (Lorraine L)
planning a vacation before the end of the year. We've not vacationed for over 10 years! (Lorraine L)
elected to serve on the Board for Chamber of Commerce (Lorraine L)
read the Bible in its entirety (Chester T)
practiced using skype to record interviews/teleseminars. Successfully converted a skype recording from a Quicktime file to an mp3 and uploaded it to the web for listening (Lori P)
wrote and submitted 5 new articles for publication on the web and have 5-6 more roughed out and ready to complete (Lori P)
expanded my networking and received valuable feedback on the kind of information my target customers are seeking (Lori P)
continued to add content and to modify and improve each of my websites and blogs. Created a new header for one website. Added affiliate products and services to promote (Lori P)
learned how to set up and run a Wordpress blog on my website. Unlike Blogger or Typepad, I now have complete control over the design and special features (Lori P)
the articles I submitted for publication in the past five weeks are now bringing free traffic to my sites (Lori P)
signed sales & purchase agreement to build a 2500 square foot "Carriage House" at South Pointe at Spear (Michael & Dawn A)
created and implemented FunAmazingMagic blog for customers, clients & friends (Tim M)
advertised in Southern California's "School Assembly Directory", a target market niche periodical for school assembly programs (Tim M)
shot instructional magic videos (tricks, party tips, performance philosophy) as resident expert on — going live later this month (Tim M)
booked and performed return engagement for bruch shows at Hollywood's Magic Castle (Tim M)
Implemented production of, set distributor meeting, engaged supply source for magic product (prop) for magicians
attended annual KIDabra marketing convention for family entertainers (Tim M)
took a much needed 5-day vacation to Lake Superior (Lori  P.)
have FINALLY eliminated all stacks of papers, books, and miscellaneous from my office (Lori  P.)
figured out how to set up and use both Skype and iCal (like Outlook) on my iMac! (Lori  P.)
read two books to learn more about coaching and consulting (Lori  P.)
finished 5 articles on Weight Loss and Nutrition that are now ready to distribute on the web (Lori  P.)
Revisited my mission statement and have gained even greater clarity about what it is I want to accomplish and why (Lori  P.)
launched monthly eZine (Alice S.)
good progress on writing mystery novel and started writing another (Alice S.)
launched new content management site (Michael A.)

lost 20 pounds since January 1st (Chester T.)
had a goal to have 6 websites created by the end of the year, now have the 6 sites up and running 5 months ahead of schedule (Lori P.)
now have 3 blogs. Learned and implemented a new technique to quickly and easily add blog posts, added 28 posts in July (Lori P.)
created several new systems to get more work done in a faster, more efficient way (Lori P.)
Set up a system to receive RSS feeds for news articles and Podcasts in key subjects so that I can quickly and easily stay current with the latest news (Lori P.)
  Added RSS feeds and Adsense Ads to all of my blogs (Lori P.)

received first response from one of the three major credit bureaus that successfully removed negative and damaging information from my credit report more quickly and easily than I thought it would be (Eddie W.)

became a lot more consistent with my blog and feel as though it's getting easier to keep adding content into it—used to be a bit of a problem for me a few months ago (Eddie W.)

continuing to put money aside every day ($1.50) for my trip to Nicaragua (Barry B.)

started health coaching course that is already providing me with the structure for my coaching practice—one of my primary goals for the year (Barry B.)

completed the "Passion Test" (Steve U.)
received an unexpected raise through one of my employment positions (Eddie W.)
brought my total affiliate list to 10 (Eddie W.)
received permission from other peers within my industry to use their content within my blog (Eddie W.)
Obtained credit reports & learned more about my credit within 3 weeks than I've known my whole life, sent out dispute letters regarding some negative information (Eddie W.)
set up a home for un-wed mothers who have not completed their high school education and to teach them skills and get their GED so they can be self supporting (Chester T.)
at the end of the second quarter, I have more than doubled my income, gross income is up 120% and gross profit is up 112% (Judy W.)
the increase in income is allowing me to contract two colleagues to work on the “Shoplifting IS Stealing!” project team (Judy W.)
took both of them to a Character Education conference, it was the first time I have had any assistance to staff the exhibit booth, what a treat (Judy W.)
made enough sales at the exhibit to cover the booth costs and the fee for the staff
the sales letter to market the  “Shoplifting IS Stealing!” Family Program online is in final draft (Judy W.)
the “Shoplifting IS Stealing!” Community Awareness Handbook graphic redesign is almost complete (Judy W.)
the “Shoplifting IS Stealing!”  DVD label has been redesigned (Judy W.)
produced and presented a 4-day children's magic workshop to rave reviews generating over $4100 (Tim M.)
dropped body fat weight index by 3% (David E.)
succeeding in having one hour of daily quiet-solitude time (David E.)
completed writing eBook "Energy Soup" (Barry B.)
continue to walk and jog about 25 miles a week, gained some upper body strength with a rowing machine I use at the gym about 2X/week (Lori P.)
wrote 25 pages of the draft for a book on Weight Loss Motivation (the blog) (Lori P.)
launched my first Blog at (Michael A.)
applied for and was approved for Google Adsense, added the ads to my Weight Loss Motivation blog (Lori P.)
taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator, created a logo and tagline for the Chocolate Veggies blog, designed, created, and added a header for greater visual appeal (Lori P.)
figured out how to do domain mapping for my Chocolate Veggies blog, all pages are now linked to my domain name should I ever want to move the blog (Lori P.)
drafted a 10-part eCourse on the health benefits of blueberries to start an autoresponder series (Lori P.)
researched, designed, and wrote a sales page for my blueberry cookbook, successfully added payment links and created a download page, tested it with an Adwords campaign, no luck, completely redesigned and improved the page (Lori P.)
created 2 websites with Dreamweaver and 2 blogs—a free one with and one I set up myself with (Lori P.)
opened up additional savings accounts at my financial institution to allow myself the simplicity and joy of managing my money online using T. Harv Eker's money management system (Eddie W.)
started an ongoing bootcamp style exercise circuit class that our members really enjoy and have created not only an additional revenue stream but also an additional service to market and as increased member reactivation and retention (Eddie W.)
took my first step in a serious investment effort toward my future financial freedom and opened up a high-interest online savings account (Eddie W.)
saved just over half of the money I had planned to put away this year (Cindy D.)
managed to live through renovations of my store, regardless of delays, cost over-runs, screw-ups at every level, sleepless nights and going into debt again!  And we aren't done yet (Cindy D.)
completed all of my plans of action for my top 3 personal and top 3 business goals and sent to mastermind team (Eddie W.)
Met and exceeded my monthly income goal of $7500 from my entertainment services company for the last two months (Tim M.)
earned Expert Author status through (Alice S.)
Met with a highly influential fitness pro who is looking to create his first infoproduct and asked for my assistance as well as being a 50/50 affiliate of the generated profits from the sales (Eddie W.)

received my first affiliate program commission notification via email of $99.50 (Eddie W.)
started using the money management method taught by T Harv Eker after listening to his Millionaire Mind Intensive Home Study Course and have a greater sense of control over my money (Eddie W.)
finished up a major direct mail campaign that resulted in a flood of new interest, increased activity as well as additional sales commissions (Eddie W.)
started training a new employee to work alongside me and help cover more of the marketing tasks that I can never seem to get around to for promoting the weight loss center as well as give me more time to provide better service for clients (Eddie W.)
signed up the president of the local chamber of commerce on the weight loss program I work with and the relationship couldn't of started out any better (Eddie W.)
sold our house for full asking price last Friday (Lorraine L.)

spent 15 minutes to fix a 6-month toleration which limited the full capability of a $10K+ state-of-the-art cornerstone piece of fitness equipment (Eddie W.)

signed up for first affiliate program and started promoting through my Blog (Eddie W.)

reached my milestone of 20 lbs lost - missed it by five days, but I did it - 25 more to go (Michael A.)


7 more CE Credits finished and 18 more to go (Chester T.)

completed two retirement coach training programs (David B.)

finished first draft of 400 page e-book (David B.)

ran 9 miles for the first time (David B.)

bought 2 new domain names, set up hosting for a year, first step in starting my own business—Shared Information Resources (Steve U.)

started using an iPod to manage the vast amount of audios that I never make the time otherwise to listen to (Eddie W.)

developed personal time management system to get myself more organized and focused towards my goals and am enjoying the results thus far, may also alter the setup in the future to turn into an information product (Eddie W.)

registered domain names for online projects that I'll be focusing on this year as well as others to compliment my future online business model (Eddie W.)

added a new client who is already thrilled with the results he is getting after only two sessions (Eddie W.)

started up a Blog during pre-launch of my online business for fitness professionals, (Eddie W.)

asked to speak at Gartner Service Oriented Architecture Conference in Tokyo this July, my presentation will be simulcast in Japanese, way cool (Steve U.)

cleaned up some invoicing that had been hanging around thought to be worth about $4K and it turned out to be over $6K (Patrick M.)
new coaching contract with a top level executive in a local company (Lorraine L.)

got all of tax information to accountant last week, already have Q1 2006 done, will keep on top of it, this is a big deal for me (Chester T)
augmented a MAP (Massive  Action Plan) for all business files (Alice S.)
added a Blog & RSS to my website (Alice S.)
adding a newsletter for my opt-in group (Alice S.)
finished two chapters to my mystery novel (Alice S.)
Moving after 14 years, major goal last 4 years, accomplished (Rebecca B.)
a very successful presentation to a group of fellow coaches (Western Mass Coaching Alliance), every time I facilitate a discussion around this topic of staying focused and energized I feel like I’m getting better at it (Barry B.)
major reorganization of my office/studio, instead of many stacks of papers and books I have just a few left to tackle, much less other clutter, so much easier to work when I have free space (Lori P.)
added more ram to computer and "cleaned up" a bit, deleted many gigs of unnecessary documents and files, it now runs faster and I have fewer software problems thus saving me time (Lori P.)
taught myself how to use Dreamweaver, created a small website to provide reviews of weight loss programs, signed up with a web host, and uploaded the site to the web (Lori P.)
started a Blog called "Chocolate Veggies" to share my thoughts on healthy eating and inspired living (Lori P.)
putting finishing touches on my e-cookbook, Blueberry Best! Recipes for Healthy Living, ran Google Adwords campaign to test ads and determine a price point. In addition, I created a digital e-cover in Photoshop and a web page to announce the upcoming release, I have a few people signed up for notification when the e-cookbook is ready (Lori P.)
I can now run 3 miles in about 32 minutes, had thought the best I could do was 12 minutes a mile! (Lori P.)
newspaper interview for an article on coaching for the business owner (Lorraine L.) 
one of my clients hired me for the rest of the year on retainer (Lorraine L.)
first check in my home-based business with Agel was for $650 (Randy H.)
closing on our new 3 bedroom, 1 bath house March 31 (Randy H.)
completed first 6-mile run (David B.)
90% of spam on one of our emails eliminated by talking with the ISP!  (Herman S.)
found new office space and plan to be in it by October (Chester T.)
finished a database system project that automates all of my sales pages (Mike L.)
acquired several new customers/marketing partners (Mike L.)
asked to submit a proposal to put my radio show on Sirius (Mike L.)
increased business income $4000 for last month (Jeff D.)
article published on and (Alice S.)
found a home-based business that best suits my interests and experience (Carol B.)
quit drinking coffee (Cindy D.)
had my biggest sales ever yesterday (Cindy D.)
promoted and conducted my first teleclass (Barry B)
passed my CLU (Certified Life Underwriter) exam (Micah W.)
5-figure proposal from last November accepted, I had given up hope that this work would come to me (Lorraine L.)
hired a virtual assistant to start on March 1st, BIG decision (Lorraine L.)
bought new computer with flat screen (Lorraine L.)
started women's group with local Chamber of Commerce (Lorraine L.)
got caught up on invoicing all clients (Lorraine L.)
designed website logo, wrote 1st press release, submitted first article online, refined vision and mission statement (David B.)
my website is being designed along with stationery, business cards, note cards and a bookmark piece (Jane H.)
joined a Toastmasters group and made a two minute talk (Jane H.)
interviewed virtual assistant for billing and all financial entries, she's already helping me organize my home office (Jane H.)
gathered and delivered all financials to the accountant (Jane H.)
reserve a bridge line for my teleclass and trust that I’ll figure out how to make it a worthwhile experience for those who join the call (Barry B.)
invited by Employee Assistance Program provider from Alberta, to administer their services in Eastern Canada so that, especially in Quebec and New Brunswick, services will be handled in French. (Patrick M.)
lost 7 lbs (Richard H.)
hired a great assistant who is starting to learn my business (Debbie W.)
mentoring someone who will free me up to work on my top 3 goals (Debbie W.)
Completed logo and hired web design firm for Women With Dreams (Debbie W.)
creating articles for distribution to grow my online business—great progress! (Alice S.)
wrote a mission statement for my website (Alice S.)
utilizing the Daily Inspired Action Plans—a great way to stay on task (Alice S.)
found and hired new assistant (Leslie W.)
signed on three new, large accounts for both business (Leslie W.)
located a great running coach and training with fellow runners (Dave E.)
doing 1 hr/day of quiet time for prayers, reading, & reflection (Dave E.)
created the vision & strategy for branding “Rinchen Khandro”  (Anne M.)
“fired” coach who wasn't understanding where I wanted to go (Anne M.)
top oals defined, project plans & tasks firmed up (Lori Pirog)
Top 5 values defined & mission draft written (Lori Pirog)
now on track with doing appropriate weight lifting exercises (Lori P.)
huge progress with my eBook (Lori P.)
Over 500% increase in Jan. '06 revenue over Jan. '05 (Bernie C.)
“dazzled” my staff with my new presentation (Steve U.)
lost 8 pounds in 31 days (Michael A.)
went back to running after back fracture (Mia Y.)
got a radio interview (Lisa A.)
1st real vacation in five years (Rebecca B.)
best month ever in 14 years of business (Judy W.)
reduced my weight by 18 pounds (Michael H.)
secured an 18-month retainer contract with repeat client (Michael H.)
completed final draft of information product (Michael H.)
completed draft of e-book (David B.)
139% increase in Jan. '06 revenue over Jan. '05 (Michael A.)
re-started a daily exercise routine with my daughter (Katie F.)
stopped smoking & drinking (Hossein G.)
working w/ large sales org. to negotiate financing for customers (Dave E.)





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