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“How Would You Like to Sit in on Michael Angier's Diamond Club Training Calls to Learn How to Achieve All of Your Goals with Greater Ease and Confidence!”

Learn from the experts—be on our twice-a-month, live conference calls,  where Michael Angier—and other guest experts—share their knowledge and expertise with you.  

You'll learn the strategies, tactics and tools you need to break through your self-imposed limits and achieve new levels of success and achievement. 

Now you, too, can participate in these entertaining and educational conference calls and get some of the same training that Diamond Club Members receive. You can attend live or listen to the recording when it's made available—usually within 24 hours of the call.

Sorry. This program is closed to all but
Diamond Club Members until January 2009.

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can do for you, click here.

The topics we cover in the training series are all selected to help you solve real problems and overcome common obstacles to achieving your objectives and living a balanced life.

Here's a short list of just SOME of the trainings we've done or are planning . . .

  • Business at a Glance—Your Dashboard

  • Debt Reduction

  • Delegation and Outsourcing

  • Getting and Staying Focused

  • Overcoming Setbacks

  • Flow Charting, Process Mapping

  • Getting Things Done - Productivity Tools

  • Massive Action Month

  • The Care and Feeding of Ideas

  • Developing Passive Income

  • Joint Venturing

  • Learning Strategies

  • Management by Agreement

It's all designed to help you get clear and stay focused and on purpose.

In addition to the recording for each call, you'll also get a PowerPoint presentation and/or a mind map of the topic—plus lots of other resources.

The conference calls run anywhere from 40 and 90 minutes and start at 5 PM Eastern (New York) Time.


Glenn Dietzel from “Awaken the Author Within” tells how Michael Angier has made a difference for him and how Michael
can make a difference for YOU!

Invest in your future and expect a wealth of practical,
easy-to-implement and proven strategies and tactics.

“I've been a member of Michael Angier’s Diamond Club for the past 3 years. In that time I've been a participant on all but a few of the calls.

I have received huge value from Michael’s instruction, and I have put many of the principles and best practices into my work and my life. I've gained new knowledge in the ways of establishing a business, growing that business, client attraction and sales, keeping a customer, building relationships and establishing goals and boundaries. 

I have achieved more success in reaching my goals than I ever would have if I had not being exposed to this material on an ongoing basis. The value of the teaching far exceeds the cost of the calls, and you can use the lessons right away.

—Steve Ulrich
Columbus, OH


What Goals Do You Want to Achieve?
Increase your income by 50–100%

Launch a new product

Start a new business or division within your current company

Finally lose that extra weight, get fit, really start taking care of yourself

Learn new skills, new hobbies, increase knowledge

Meet new people, get involved in your community, network more effectively

Design that investment strategy, plan your retirement, eliminate your debt

Buy a dream home, drive the car you’ve always wanted, own the boat you’ve wanted to captain

Start your own business, grow your business, develop the strategies to keep your customers coming back

Take the vacation of a lifetime—the one you’ve always dreamed about

Travel to those far-away lands where you've always wanted to go

Write the book or articles that you’ve always wanted to write

Enrich the relationships with your family, your kids, your spouse


Only $27 for both Conference Calls
(recordings, PowerPoint and/or mind maps included)

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PS: With these trainings, you'll arm yourself with the tools, the resources and the knowledge you need to achieve your best. Sit in on (or listen to the recording) this month's conference calls and see for yourself how helpful they can be.

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