Diamond Club Membership Agreement

I understand that as a Diamond Club Member I will be provided with opportunities to participate in forums, conferences, groups, trainings, etc. And that the program is highly interactive in nature and designed to position me to achieve my goals as quickly and as easily as possible.

Please enroll me in Diamond Club. I understand the tuition is $147 U.S. dollars per month with a 6-month minimum commitment. If I choose to prepay the first year, I may take a discount and make one payment of $1597.

You have my irrevocable permission to charge these installments to the credit card or payment service I provide. I further agree to pay a service fee of $15 for any payments that are not made on time (3-day grace period) should my credit card be declined.

I am aware that I'm making a minimum 6-month commitment and that this is not a month-to-month program during this period. It is a fixed-price program with monthly payments.

I understand your consultation and coaching is educational in nature, and that it's my responsibility to act on the suggestions and materials recommended. I recognize that because it's my responsibility, you are not guaranteeing any specific results from my participation.

I understand that if I should ever become unsatisfied with the program, my results, or anything else, I can call and talk to you about it, discuss my concerns and consider better ways to meet my particular needs. I agree that I will not charge back my credit card for any charges after the program has started.

I further agree to post my accomplishments in the Diamond Club Forum unless they are of an extremely personal nature. I understand that this is for my benefit as well as inspiration to others.

I agree to keep my scheduled appointments, complete the homework assignments and communicate freely to help ensure that the program succeeds because I'm meeting my objectives.



The program is backed by a conditional money-back guarantee. At any point in the first six months, if you don't feel you've gotten more than your investment back, we'll refund what you've paid.

Condition 1: You must have attended or listened to all training calls provided and attended at least 80% of your MasterMind Team Meetings.

Condition 2: You must inform us of any dissatisfaction and allow us 45 days to make right whatever isn't working for you. If after 45 days, you still feel you’ve not gotten all you paid for, we will issue you a refund.

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