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 How to Deliver Highly Effective Presentations (eBook) $57.00
 Bonus: How to Create a WOW Audience Experience (eDoc) $29.00
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How to Deliver Highly Effective Presentations (eBook, $57 value)
Finally! You Can Have the Same Powerful Tools Professional Presenters Use to
Convey Passion and Make it Contagious.

Dawn Angier
Dawn Angier

Written and compiled by world-class trainer Dawn Angier, MCT, this in-depth digital book is a must for anyone who stands in front of the room.

In this detailed reference manual, Dawn breaks down the presentation process into easy & manageable steps.

How to Deliver Highly Effective Presentations
Digital Book
PDF format

After reading this special digital book and doing the hands-on exercises,
you'll know:


The proven ways to get rid of those pre-presentation jitters—or at least feel more in control of your nervousness and use it to your advantage


How to use the sample icebreaker exercise to help you and your audience
feel comfortable


How to identify the three main ways of communication so you can create the
most powerful and memorable experience
for your audience


What the SPLASH Approach means and how to use it to start your presentation
on a positive note


Which room setups create a winning environment for you and your audience


The silent communicators that can send the right or wrong signals to
your audience


How to identify vocal sabotage that can totally distract your audience and
keep them from hearing your message


Tips to add interest and humor to your presentation


How to develop your presentation content and clearly organize and
sequence your information


How to encourage audience participation and keep them interested in your topic


Tips for using color, graphics, audio and text to create the highest impact with your PowerPoint presentations


50 tips to help you become an outstanding speaker

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I can’t thank you enough for creating and offering How to Deliver Highly Effective Presentations . . .

. . . This is an absolute must-have in your professional arsenal. It doesn't matter whether you are a professional speaker or someone who might have to deliver a presentation of ideas to their peers; this is the pinnacle of resources for public speaking and professional presentations. Thank you for this fantastic resource and tool.”

Frank Lunn

How to Create a WOW Audience Experience (eDoc, $29 value)
by Burt Dubin

Burt Dubin has helped hundreds of people become speakers and hundreds of speakers become successful professionals. Burt is a rare combination of experienced professional speaker with his own successful career under his belt and a powerful mentor who makes a deeply meaningful impact on the life of each person he works with.

He shares his wit and wisdom in this delightful compilation of his most popular articles in his latest eDoc, Topic Development and How to Create a WOW! Audience Experience.

Topic Development eBook
PDF format


Wake ‘Em Up Business Presentations (eBook, $20 value)
by Tom Antion

Speaking expert Tom Antion has written a digital book packed with hints, tips and common sense suggestions on how to become proficient as a public speaker. Discover the secrets of high-income professional speakers ... and how YOU can become one of them. Is it POSSIBLE?

This one-of-a-kind speaking resource will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about getting into the lucrative speaking industry.

Wake 'em Up Business Presentations
PDF format

$106 worth of value