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Just How Free and Independent are You?

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fourth of julyToday is Independence Day in the United States of America. It’s our 240th anniversary of declaring our independence from Great Britain. And I am a proud and grateful American who values and appreciates the many freedoms we have.

If you’re reading this, you are most likely living in a free country. And you have freedoms most people who have lived on the planet have never had.

But in addition to civil liberties and the many rights we have earned, we also have personal freedoms.

So how are you doing on those?

Are you financially free or are you still shackled by debt? If not, are you actively involved in a plan to become financially independent?

Are you free to do work you love instead of working at something you dislike?

What parts of your life are you living out of obligation? Where in your life do you feel less than free? Where do you feel out of integrity?

Your best life demands that you ask these kinds of questions in order to take full advantages of the freedoms so many bled and died to give us. To live less than a totally free life does a disservice to those gave so much.

So ask yourself—and answer honestly—where are you not as free and independent as you’d like? What would it take to be that? It IS an achievable goal. But you have to design, create and live it in order to truly experience your best life.

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