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Best Life Tip: Consistency Rules the Day

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In my book, The Achievement Code, the third C of the 3-C Formula for living your best life is consistency. It’s not a very sexy topic, but it’s a very important one.

Whether it be in parenting, intimate relationships, managing and leading people or financial and career success, consistency matters. And it’s where most people fall short of achieving what they truly want.

Saving money consistently over many years gets compound interest working for you. There are many millionaires today that have never actually earned that much in wages and salaries. But they took small, CONSISTENT steps toward financial freedom.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight by dieting and exercise (is there any other way?), you know that consistency is king. Fasting or extra-long and hard workouts don’t get the job done. It’s the daily, weekly and monthly process of consuming less calories than you burn that takes the weight off. It’s how those pounds got there in the first place—it wasn’t one binge day.

It’s a rare occurrence that an extraordinary event catapults one to success. In fact, you could make a case that that’s luck and not true success.

Consistency builds habit. Grinding it out builds discipline. And discipline builds confidence, pride and respect—for ourselves and from others.

What are you consistent in doing? Where are you inconsistent? What actions taken on a consistent basis could make a big difference in you living your best life?

Take some time over the next few days and honestly answer the three questions above. Then, commit to improving on your consistency. The reward is substantial.

And I encourage you to re-read the section on consistency in The Achievement Code—available free at

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