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Best Life Tip: Inspect What You Expect

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Inspect What you ExpectA common mistake people make is delegating or outsourcing—both good things to do—without setting up a system or even a simple reminder to make sure what was done was done the way it was intended.

I recently had our gutters cleaned by a young, ambitious contractor with some top-of-the-line pressure-washing equipment. I explained that it was a bit tricky around our pool and courtyard as the roof tiles extended almost all the way over the gutter.

When he was picking up to go, I grabbed a ladder and looked down the gutter on one side of the pool and saw that it was still chuck full of leaves and pine needles.

He was happy to correct it, even though it took him as long or longer than the rest of the 300 plus feet of gutters. But if I hadn’t inspected it myself, it wouldn’t have been cleaned.

Now you might say that inspecting what I expected was just common sense in this situation. And it was.

But how many times do we charge someone with a task or project but fail to properly monitor the progress and/or the end result. We often just assume people know what we want and don’t take the inspection step on our expectations.

A simple tip for sure. But important nonetheless.

Be sure to inspect what you expect.

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