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What's an Idea Worth?

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It's hard to say, isn't it? What price would you place on the idea of democracy? How much was the concept for the telephone worth? Who can determine the value of the world's great theories and discoveries?

We share lots of ideas with our members—ideas that can make your life easier and more fulfilling. Ideas that can save you money, save you time and create better relationships.

We're not presuming that we'll provide you with world-changing ideas (although we might). What we strive to do is provide the support and inspiration that will help you develop some great ideas of your own.

We don't know what your unique potential is. We just know you have it, and we do our best to assist you in bringing it forth. Our members describe what we provide as "uplifting," "inspiring," "stimulating" and "practical." Certainly this can go a long way toward bringing out the best in you—allowing you to make good on your ideas and achieve your dreams.

For only a few pennies a day, you can gain valuable information, stimulating ideas and inspiring support. In addition, SuccessNet offers significant savings through discounts on products and services you need and want. Our members report these savings pay for their dues many times over. What could it be worth to you?
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