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What’s Missing in this Picture?

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Have you ever seen the Hocus-Focus cartoon in the funny papers? It’s where you’re supposed to find at least six differences in the details between two panels.

I don’t try to figure it out very often, but when I do, I usually find two or three differences right off. The last three to four are frequently much harder to find.

There’s something like a missing shoe lace, a different kind of hat or spots on a dog that aren’t the same in the comparison panel.

In a way, our lives and our businesses are like that puzzle. It’s hard sometimes to see the differences between now and last year. And harder still to see what we want to be different next year—or even what’s true right now.

Unlike the different cartoon panels presented to us for the first time, we tend to look at our own situations from the same paradigm and through the same lens as we have before. And that makes it hard for us to be discerning.

And yet, things HAVE changed. There are differences. And it’s important for us to draw important distinctions.

Because the landscape is always shifting. It certainly has in the last couple of years with an economy that’s drastically different than it was just a few months ago.

And WE change as well.

If we don’t notice these changes and don’t adjust to them and the changes around us, we’re at a substantial disadvantage—especially in these times.

I recommend you get together with a partner or mastermind team and take a good look at what’s changed. What’s different from a year or two ago? Where have you adapted and where haven’t you?

You will most likely find some things you had overlooked. And you’ll probably be surprised at your progress. Like seeing a child grow each day, we don’t notice it much. But when we notice the growth from a year—or even six months—it’s much more obvious.

We’re not advocating you beat up on yourself for anything you may have done or not done. We recommend observing without judgment—and correction without invalidation.

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