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As we begin a New Year—and a new decade—I'm sure you, like many others, have been making resolutions, setting goals and creating strategic plans.

Let's face it, we all like new things. It's hard to beat NEW. We like the new idea, the latest and greatest strategy and the hot tactic of the day.

But in this quest, it's easy to lose sight of the fundamentals of success and happiness. When we're focused on the new stuff, it can be easy to neglect the basics.

As my wife and I mapped out the New Year, we talked about new objectives, targets and adventures. But we also talked about the importance of the simpler things; time together, planned IN-activity, sufficient hydration, good exercise and adequate sleep.

We discussed our need for reflection, affirmation, visualization, our social and physical environment and reading good books.

Because if we don’t pay attention to these things, our production will be limited by our production capacity. We need to take excellent care of ourselves, or we'll be unable to take care of others—and other things.

In addition, as we take on new things, we must also not forget to do the simpler, more basic things that have proven over and over to work.

As I review articles I've written over the years, I often see things I've done and written about—but no longer do on a consistent basis. Why is that? Why would I stop doing something that worked well enough for me to write about and recommend to others? I can only assume that I got caught up in the excitement of new—and often UNPROVEN—things.

Let me be clear. I'm all for trying new things. I like doing fun and interesting stuff. And there's nothing wrong with looking for a better way to accomplish our objectives. But not while abandoning the fundamentals that have gotten us where we are.

So as you decide on your goals and on your path to achieve them, be sure you don’t let go of the essential building blocks of success.

One of things we do here at SuccessNet is to teach, but also remind you, of success principles--the basic building blocks of a successful life and business.

Make sure your goals and projects are aligned with your core values, your mission and your vision. Take the time to gain the clarity, develop the focus and maintain the consistency you need to achieve your best.

Professional sports teams practice new plays and strategies. But they spend MOST of their time working on the basics. Even though they're professionals and have been doing the basics for many years, they know the importance of practicing the fundamentals—and they do it.

It works for them. And it will work for you. Never forget to practice the basics.

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