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Just What IS a World Class Company?

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I seem to be getting more and more people asking me what I mean when I say "World Class Company".

I suppose it could mean different things to different people. But allow me to share what it is for us. This list is far from complete, but in reading through this description, you'll have a pretty good idea of our business philosophies and what we mean by World Class.

A World Class Company . . .

. . . is not necessarily a global company, although most any business—even a small one—can have a global impact if not a global market.

. . . uses 21st century business strategies based on time-tested principles.

. . . has the ability to last at least a hundred years. It's an organization that goes beyond its founders and can endure the inevitable changes in the market.

. . . is principled, on-purpose, value-driven and profitable.

. . . is one where its mission is not only known and articulated, but also demonstrated day in and day out by all employees.

. . . is flexible in its strategies but steadfast in its mission, values and principles.

. . . is an excellent steward of all resources.

. . . is authentic and distinctive--it knows what business it is truly in and is committed to being the best in the world at it.

. . . exemplifies stability; it's dependable, trusted and solid.

. . . has impeccable character and always operates in integrity.

. . . is responsive, resourceful, adaptive and innovative.

. . . recognizes that its people are its greatest assets, that its bottom line is created by its front line.

. . . always does what's right instead of just what's expedient.

. . . creates higher profits through higher service.

. . . already has or is developing the resources, strategies, practical ideas and tools needed to achieve extraordinary success.

. . . is a good neighbor and responsible to the community it serves.

. . . is a great company becoming better.

. . . communicates effectively to all stakeholders.

. . . creates breakthroughs on a regular basis.

. . . . is customer-driven--delighting in meeting the needs of those it serves and consistently over-delivers on its promises.

. . . exemplifies excellence in every area.

NOTE: See SuccessNet's Creed 'We Believe . . . ' here and SuccessNet's Core Values here.

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