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It Really Was a Perfect Day

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SunsetI had an ideal day last week. What made it ideal? It was a number of things, actually.

This is all true—every word. It's not a visualization—although it did start that way a number of years ago.

I woke up to the sun streaming through our bedroom window. We've had a lot of rain and the leaves on the trees were greener than I've ever seen: a beautiful sunny morning—crisp and cool.

There was no "electronic rooster". We usually wake up early, but we sleep until we finish sleeping. I don’t even know how to SET the alarm clock. And my wife only sets it if we have an early flight somewhere.

Snuggled next to me was a beautiful loving woman: my partner, my lover, my best friend and my wife. Dawn is my 'True North' and we are very much in love.

I got the newspaper, Dawn made coffee and we had our first cup reading the paper in bed as we usually do. It's the way we like to ease into the day.

We love our new house. Every day one, if not both of us, says out loud, "I love this house." It really is beautiful.

We took our second cup of coffee downstairs to our spacious office—the "World Headquarters of Success Networks International". I love our business. I love writing and I love helping great people and great companies become even better. I never tire of it.

We checked email, reviewed our schedules and then headed back upstairs for our morning "Board Meeting".

Our board meetings take place in a Vanguard Hot Springs Spa built into our new deck. It's very private as it faces a dense woods. No bathing suits needed. We usually sit quietly for a few minutes in the 100-degree water and listen to the birds and the wind in the trees before we turn on the 32 powerful jets.

As we experienced the "Moto Massage" on our backs, we talked about our intentions for the day, established priorities, made some decisions that needed to be made and talked about a number of other things.

Board meeting over, we climbed out of our spa, toweled off and enjoyed a breakfast of scrambled eggs and asparagus. Delicious.

We worked on projects in the office until almost noon and then hit the tennis courts while our housekeeper cleaned the house. Can you believe I had to talk Dawn into hiring a housekeeper? She's glad I did, though.

It was a perfect day for tennis: 77 degrees with no wind. We played two sets—the longest two sets we'd ever played together. We're both getting better, so the points—and the games—are longer. Dawn's also winning more of the games than she used to.

After our showers, we had lunch and then worked some more in the office doing some really fun projects that you'll be hearing more about soon.

Around 5 PM, we thought it was time to "feed the duck". The duck is a beautiful crystal wine decanter shaped—you guessed it—like a duck. A glass of old vine zinfandel and we were off to the Burlington Waterfront to have dinner on "Attitude" (pics of our boat and The Boathouse).

There was no wind so we didn't take her out for a sail. We just fired up the grill, threw on a couple of New York Strip steaks we'd marinated during the afternoon and had dinner and some quiet conversation in the cockpit. Oh, and we also visited with some of our good friends in the marina. It's a great little community.

A glorious sunset capped off our lovely evening on the boat.

We drove home afterward (we're only 5 miles from Attitude's slip), did another session in the spa to rest those tired tennis muscles and prepare for a sound and relaxing rest.

Before drifting off to sleep we did our "Gratefuls". This is where we each share at least three things for which we're grateful. It's not hard to come up with them, and it focuses us on what we want, what we love and what we appreciate. I believe that if you have an attitude of gratitude and appreciate what you have, you'll find yourself having even more to appreciate.

There are other good things I could share with you about that day—and some that I won't—but I think you get the picture. It was a great day.

I share it with you not to boast, but to help some people—maybe you—see beyond current circumstances and create a beautiful life.

You see, my life today is totally different than it was just a few years ago. I had almost no money. I was always worried about paying bills. I wasn't happy with my relationships or in my career. My life was upside down in many ways.

But I knew it could be better. And I knew I was capable and deserving of a better life—a MUCH better life.

So I visualized it. I saw it in great detail. I felt it. I talked about it. I believed in it. I expected it. And I consistently worked toward it.

I practiced the proven principles of success—the same principles we teach at SuccessNet. I didn't do it perfectly, but I was as diligent as I could be. I made plenty of mistakes—still do. But I learned and practice "correction without invalidation". No more guilt for me—ever.

And I kept my eye on the prize—to live life I imagined: the freedom, the beauty, the peace and the satisfaction.

Although that day was close to perfect—as most of our days are—we know it can be even better. And we know that if we add value to the world, the world will add value to us. It does and it will continue to do so—as it does and will for you.

So on that day last week, we played, we laughed, we talked, we exercised, got some good work done, relaxed, ate good and nutritious food, had no worries and we were grateful. What more could we ask for?

We each create our own lives. And we are responsible for our lives—just like I was responsible for my life when it was upside down. It wasn't easy to accept that responsibility, but I did.

So we visualize, appreciate, learn, practice, correct, believe, expect and enjoy each moment. And in doing so, we create our ideal lives.

It truly is great to be alive.

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