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Got the Check. Boy Was I Excited!

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icon_giftI had to sign for a registered letter at the post office yesterday. Years ago, a registered letter was seldom good news, but this was a very good thing indeed.

It was my advance from Discover 21, the Tokyo company that's publishing my book, '101 Best Ways to Be Your Best', in Japanese. I was excited because it's my first book published in another language.

Dawn and I popped a bottle of bubbly and celebrated this milestone with a toast and a nice dinner.

Discover 21 has an excellent track record with some of my colleagues so I'm optimistic the book will do well in Japan. They seem to really like the anecdotal lessons. And I'm visualizing the first year's royalties being millions of yen.

I'm telling you this because sharing my wins hopefully inspires you and others to go after your own goals and dreams. I'm living my dream life because I've consistently followed the principles, strategies and disciplines we promote here at SuccessNet.

I haven't and don’t do everything I would like to do, but I've apparently done enough of them to have achieved more than even I expected.

Here at SuccessNet, we share ideas that are proven to work. We don’t preach theory. We don’t count on good luck for you to win, we PREPARE you to win.

Do you want to write a book? Would you like to start a business? Are you looking to retire early? Want a new house?

No matter what you want to achieve, you can do it faster, easier and with far less struggle by being part of a team. For example, the 2006 members have achieved literally hundreds and hundreds of goals. They've far exceeded what they would have been able to achieve on their own. And in the process, they've learned and grown a lot.

I asked these Diamond Club team members to submit their wins month by month. I think we were all a little amazed by the results

One of the Diamonds wrote to me yesterday and said, "During this year, my new, more realistic, positive and empowering thinking skills started to take over. That, in itself, is a big win and one I give Diamond Club credit for helping me to develop. This is subtle and it's sometimes hard to realize the value of Diamond Club's continued positive messaging, guidance and attitude change. My number one goal was to get well and healthy--and I accomplished that. But I have been positively and forever changed on the inside—where all success starts and dreams really do come true."

Can you reach your goals and dreams on your own? Sure.

But WILL you?

If you've written down the same goals year after year and haven't completed them, this may well be the right time for you to create a breakthrough in your life.

You can be a Diamond, a member of my Diamond Club, and see results in your life that will surprise you, and definitely please you. I invite you to take a close look and to consider Diamond Club carefully.

NOT achieving what you want will cost you a lot more than the monthly investment.

And if you're not yet clear on what you really want, we can help you get clear. I and your team will then help you stay focused and consistently make progress on your success throughout the New Year.

Go to this page and read it carefully. Watch the two short videos. And if it's for you (you'll know) give yourself and your family the gift of Diamond Club

The official press release announcing the book news is located here.

icon_giftPS: If you're looking to grab some great Christmas presents, it's not too late to order signed copies of '101 Best Ways to Be Your Best' (in English) for delivery by December 25.

You can order one copy or several. And if you order the 'Ten Pack' (link at the bottom of the page) you get signed books for half price. You also get several hundred dollars in bonuses for placing even one order. How cool is that? Go here.

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