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Do You Know Where You Are Now? Are You Sure?

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Let's say you're on your way to my home. You rent a car at the airport, but misplace your directions. So you call me to ask how to get to my house. What's the first question I will ask you?

Of course, I would ask, "Where are you?"

Without knowing where you are, it's futile to try and give you help on navigating your way to me.

Unless we know where we are, we cannot adequately figure out how to get where we're going.

Hardly anyone would argue with that logic. And yet,

I hear from people almost every day who are unclear about where they are going, don’t really know where they are now and have no idea how to get anywhere.

That might seem like an exaggeration, but it really isn’t.

For most people, clarity is a substantially lacking commodity.

Everyone wants to know how, but what they really want and where they are now in RELATION to what they want isn't clear.

I have a tool for you to help you assess where you are and how satisfied or unsatisfied you are in different areas of your life.

It's called SnapShot.

I just sent my Diamond Club Members this instrument to see where they are in comparison to where they were last year when they used the same tool. It's just one of the many resources, tools and systems they've been provided to help them achieve their goals. The differences will be substantial.

For more information on how this program can help you achieve your goals, visit

When I wrote to my Diamond Club members and asked them to do another SnapShot, it occurred to me that this is something you could benefit from as well.

I'm happy to give it to you with my compliments.
If you have MS Excel, download that version here.

If you don't have Excel, you can still use the PDF version (not quite as automated) here.

You might also want to fill it out (it only takes a few minutes) a day or two apart and see how your moods affect your scores.

Have fun with it. And don’t judge yourself. Just see where you are.

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