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Sunday, September 13, 2009

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Authentic Business? What Does it Mean for You?
by Michael Angier
I’ve been getting a lot of eMail lately asking what I mean by “Authentic Business”.

What stirred things up is the subhead to our upcoming conference that read, “If You Want to Build a Solid, Principle-Driven, Authentic Business that Will Both Flourish and Endure, You Should Definitely Join Us for The Summit.”

So let me explain what I mean.

I believe an Authentic Business is one that congruently reflects the values, mission, character and personality of its owners. The business is aligned with who the owners truly are.

They’ve learned to monetize their mission and they lead with their heart as well as with their head.

I’ve been helping people and businesses grow and prosper for over 30 years. And I’ve counseled many business owners who want to know why their enterprise isn’t as successful as it should be.

But when I tell them that in order for their business to grow, THEY have to grow, most of them just don’t get it.

They’re looking for what they need to DO—the tactics and strategies they need to implement—in order to be successful.

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  • Learn how to leverage what you have and stop leaving money on the table

  • Discover how to objectively evaluate ideas and projects

  • Learn marketing principles never used by over 90% of all businesses

  • See how you can work fewer hours and enjoy those hours even more

  • Begin to view breakdowns as opportunities to create breakthroughs

  • See what stops, hinders and sidetracks your success

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Quote du jour
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

—Dr. Seuss

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