The Marketing Matrix

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The Matrix was designed by Jack Bolowskie and a Marketing Mastermind Group comprised of business owners, marketing experts and business coaches.

The Matrix is intended to help you organize, plan and develop consistent action steps to better market your products and services and increase your business.

It's a simple tool for developing and improving the Multiple Streams of Income that feed your business. For each product or service you offer, there are a series of questions. Your responses to these questions become your action steps.

The Matrix will help you focus on the actions that improve the position of one or more products. Take special note of the tactics that benefit more than one income stream.

The Matrix will help you pinpoint specific action steps that you can take to improve the market position of your products or services. Your commitment to taking those action steps CONSISTENTLY will increase your business.

Remember, the more you focus on effective actions that benefit your income streams, the more your business will grow. 

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