The Gift of Gratefulness

I'm blessed and honored to receive something every day that some people go weeks or even months without—a letter of thanks.

It feels great, and I'm always appreciative of people writing to us to thank us for what we write and what we give to our readers.

And the other day, someone I only recently met went all out. He sent us a cheesecake from a gourmet shop. And then, on top of that, sent us a Money-Tree. It's very cool. He also left a heartfelt message telling us how appreciative he was for what we'd done.

Frank sent us these gifts and left the sincere message because we'd done something we thought was fairly insignificant. We considered it a win-win transaction and even a thank you card wouldn't have been necessary.

But some people just have too much class to let a favor go unrecognized. And we were blown away.

Recently, I sent a Vermont gift basket to a friend who had promoted one of our new products. He said out of all the promotions he had done for others, we were the only ones to send a gift.

I share this with you not to boast—I'm actually humbled by the experiences. I tell you so you recognize how easy it is to show your appreciation to someone and how very much it stands out.

In a few days, we in America will celebrate Thanksgiving—my favorite holiday of the year. And you'll be hearing a lot from many people about being grateful.

But the art of gratefulness, the demonstrations—however simple—of appreciation should become a habit and practiced daily.

Action Point
Each day, make it a point to thank someone in some unexpected way. Do this consistently and you'll begin to see a significant difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Get creative. Make it a game—and watch the magic unfold.

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