These are the products and services we use and recommend:

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eBusiness Automation
Email marketing, ecommerce and shopping cart automation software at one place on the web. This company offers you a simple time-saving "one-stop solution" that integrates all of your e-commerce and marketing tools into a single online solution. There is nothing to download or install, and the system is even "scalable" so your business will never outgrow it. SuccessNet is a long-time, happy customer. Click here >>

Web Hosting

Host Gator provides Shared, Reseller and Dedicated web hosting solutions. Their services are designed for both beginners and professionals. We use them for a majority of our websites and highly recommend their plans

Search for a New Domain Name and Register It

GoDaddy is the fastest growing and, in our opinion, the best registrar. You might find cheaper, but you won’t find any as easy to use and as easy to do business with. We don’t recommend them for hosting, but we do for domain registration.

You Do Back Up Your Computer, Right?

For a small monthly fee per computer, all critical and changed files are backed up and encrypted—off site.


We use it and we love it! And it's now free for single users. Try it today.


Send Out Cards

This service sends out postal cards on your behalf. You provide the address, the note and they do everything else.

Great income opportunity, too.

SendOut Cards


We call it the "Poor Man's Affiliate Program", but it’s more than that. If you don’t have a merchant's account, they can be an ideal solution. And even if you already have a merchant’s account, you can use them to sell your products or affiliate with them to sell the products of others. They are an online distribution center with over 10,000 digital products and services. They have a reliable and economical service.

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Audio Marketing Service

Add audio to your website or emails instantly. This technology allows you to record a message by phone, and your website is immediately audio-enabled. Try it with the free demo or with a trial for $1. The monthly membership gets you unlimited access to the many features, including Audio Postcards.
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Instant Video Generator

Like the Audio Generator above, except with video. Great for premium testimonials.

Instant TeleSeminar

We would not want to be without this webinar service. And you won't be either.

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