Pay Bills? No. Repay Blessings!

I have a recurring appointment that shows up each month. It says, “Repay Blessings.”

It used to say, “Pay Bills”.

That sounded like a dreaded task. And often felt like our hard-earned money was leaving us. It wasn’t fun.

But the truth is, we are paying for the value we have already received. I’m glad to pay for the electricity we used to cool and light our home. I enjoy paying the grounds-keeping crew for making our home look nice. And I'm pleased to pay the cable service for our connections with the rest of the world.

Our attitude and feelings about money make a big difference in how much money we get to earn and keep. It’s worth paying attention to. It’s worth improving.

And to begrudge paying for services you have already chosen to pay for and have received sends the wrong message.

Think about how you feel when it comes time to pay bills. And maybe you’ll reframe it in a way that sends a different message to your money consciousness. For me, I actually enjoy paying bills—I mean, repaying blessings.

Note: Most of our bills are paid automatically—and I encourage you to set yours up that way as well. There are only a few I manually trigger to be paid. But when I see the transactions go through, I still see it as a very positive thing, indeed.

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