Crystal Cathedral: In Need of Ideas

The Chrystal CathedralOn October 18, 2010, The Crystal Cathedral filed for bankruptcy protection. The church’s board of directors cited a substantial drop in revenue over the past few years and an inability to cut costs quickly enough.

Differences within the family, following founder Robert H. Schuller’s retirement in 2006, have also been reported.

One of the best things I ever heard Dr. Schuller say was, “You never suffer from a money problem; you always suffer from an idea problem.”

He asserted that you can always overcome an apparent shortage of money by generating ideas that will bring in money.

He ought to know.

Schuller started his ministry in a drive-in theater in the sixties and later raised over 18 million dollars to build The Crystal Cathedral—the largest glass building in the world. That was no small feat in 1980. In today’s dollars that would be more like 45 million.

Time will tell whether the leaders of this megachurch will follow their founder’s advice and recognize they suffer from an idea problem rather than a money problem.

But most people are too focused on the money they want or need instead of the ideas required to earn and generate the money.

We can always earn more money because we can always create more ideas. Money might seem in short supply from time to time, but ideas are limitless.

You earn money by the value you create. Even though you might be paid an hourly wage, you’re not paid for the hours you work, you’re paid for the value you create in those hours.

So it’s really a pretty simple process.

Want more money? Generate more ideas that create more value. Want to earn a LOT of money? Generate ideas that create a LOT more value. This can be done by increasing the real and perceived value to a person or a company—or increasing the number of people or organizations served.

What does your customer, your employer or the public want? What problems can you solve? What costs can you cut? How can you accelerate the production or delivery of your product or service? How can you leverage what you or others do to create more value?

By doing so, you will earn more money. There’s almost no way not to.

And you can create real and lasting financial independence because you’ll know that you will always be able to generate the income you need and want—by creating ideas that in turn create value.

And one of the best ways I know of to stay focused on creating value and achieving your goals is to have the support of a mastermind team. Because going for your best without proper support just doesn’t make sense.

You don’t need to go it alone. You can have the guidance and develop the clarity, focus and consistency you need to succeed in a big way.

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