The Simple Formula for Dealing with Any Problem

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We all have problems that create stress in our lives.

And the current economic situation is no doubt causing even more stress than usual.

So here's a simple, yet powerful way to proactively deal with any challenge you face.

It's from our friend and best-selling author John Harricharan.

But please don't let the simplicity of this method cause you to take this process lightly.

Here it is . . .

Use a note pad or your computer to jot down three things:

  1. The most serious problem you have right now, whether it's money, health, relationships or any combination.
  2. Then write one word to describe how you feel when you think of the problem. It could be any word such as anxious, miserable, fearful, helpless, hopeless, etc.
  3. Now write one more word to describe how you'd feel if that problem no longer exists. You can use words like happy, peaceful, relaxed or any word of your choosing.

Did you do that? We hope so. Because no matter what problems you currently face, there is a way to conquer them, a way that may at first seem magical but,in reality, is a simple, practical method that anyone can use.

The PowerPause is a simple, 3-minute, 3-step formula that has the power to generate tremendous success and happiness. By activating the Law of Attraction, The PowerPause makes it easy to reduce stress and resolve money, health or relationship problems.

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