No-Cost Audio About Having More to be Grateful for in 2007

icon_audioMichael Angier here . . .

I just reviewed last December's Open House Call. It was all about making this year the best year yet. And for most of the 2006 Diamond Club Members, it IS the best year yet. They found it so helpful that more than a dozen of them have already decided to sign up for 2007.

As I was listening to this recording, I was reminded how useful this information was and how helpful it was to me and everyone who was on the call.

I invite you to listen to this recording at your earliest convenience. There's no cost. It's located here.

If you're new to SuccessNet, this will be a great chance for you to get to know me a little and understand a little better what SuccessNet can do for you.

It's not a sales pitch. It's loaded with content and will get you excited about setting and achieving more of your goals.

And it wasn't some listen-and-snooze teleconference. We really got to work on our goals. We got re-energized, motivated and inspired. We talked about the three different levels of goals, the different areas to set goals in and S-M-A-R-T Goals.

When you listen, you're going to take some important first steps toward making 2007 your best year ever. So be sure to have a pen with you for taking notes and filling in some of your goals.

Before you listen, download this helpful sheet to get you started and have it handy while you listen. The preferred format is MS Word (so you can edit it). If you don't have MS Word, please use the PDF version.

   Goals Sheet (Word)  Click Here

   Goals Sheet (Acrobat Reader) Click Here

As you experience this program, just remember that this was recorded last year. Please substitute 2005 for 2006 and 2006 for 2007. It's all just as relevant as it was last December—perhaps even more so.

For full details on Diamond Club 2007, click here.