Genius Mind DVD for You

As you might imagine, we get a lot of DVDs and CDs that people want me to review. Most of them just pile up.

This one was different.

I sat down to review this DVD while thumbing through a magazine. It didn't take me long to put the magazine down. I became fully engaged for the rest of the program.

And you will be, too.

It's a roaring ride into the power of the mind featuring the acclaimed "Genius Mind" seminar to a packed audience.

Forget boring talks about 'brain power'. . . this is a rock concert of mental potential that you'll end up wanting to share with others.

There is no course manual. And nothing to work on. All you need is a bowl of popcorn, a TV and your favorite chair.

To get ahead of the field and grow your business requires that you think swiftly and strategically—and out of the box—all at the same time. If you’re passionate about succeeding in life at your highest level, then watch as Paul Scheele spins his magic.

Paul is a world renowned authority on "whole brain learning." He knows how to get your brain absorbing and using information in ways that can generate real results for you.

People who have more information have a tremendous advantage over people who don't. Paul makes learning as easy as breathing.

In his stunning and uniquely interactive program you will see how the brain works . . . and learn how to use this knowledge to further your:
  • "Financial success"
  • "Relationship success"
  • "Academic success"

An hour program to activate your brilliance, quite different from the typical mind-numbing TV programs. This is real reality TV.

I've asked Paul and my friends at Learning Strategies, who designed this head-turning program, to sweeten the pot for you.  Listen to this:

You'll receive two bonus hours of "special features" that lead you through special "mental exercises" to make your experience all the more powerful.

Plus . . . save 37% (through April 4) and receive 5 Bonuses
(Use Coupon Code E308N-1 to get the discount)

  • A bonus CD to activate The Law Of Attraction
  • A bonus ebook to awaken the power of "I Am"
  • A bonus CD to "Breakthrough to Success"
  • A bonus CD-ROM to learn super-fast
  • A bonus CD-ROM to help heal yoursel

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PS: I want you to get this DVD for yourself, but also to share with your family, your staff and your friends. It will have you all talking—and THINKING—differently.

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