Should You Write a Book?

There was a time when writing a book and getting that book published was a monumental project. And many of those who had the desire to write a book were often easily overwhelmed by the idea.

But that’s no longer the case. With a word processor, self-publishing, ebooks, research tools, print-on-demand and the Internet, it’s never been easier. There are just no more excuses for not publishing your book—whether it be fiction or non-fiction.

Ben Franklin said one should, “Do something worth writing about or write something worth reading”. And there’s nothing stopping you from doing both. Success Net has been all about helping you do things worth writing about for over 20 years.

But today, I would like to make the case for writing something worth reading.

If you can communicate well, you can write a book. If you’re not so great at that, you can get someone else to write it for you—with your ideas, your stories, your experiences and wisdom, and your influence.

And you don’t need to create an 800-page book. In fact, shorter books are more likely to get read. Just as you may be intimidated about writing a big book, readers are intimidated—or at least reticent—to read a long one.

We’ve all heard stories about how it took some writer several years to write their book. But it doesn’t need to take anywhere near that long. If you had to, you could write a book in just a few days. A short one, you could write in a weekend.

And there are many people who are more than happy to design the cover, edit, proof and do the book production for you—for surprisingly little money.

I really think you should write a book. If not for the public, than at least for your family. What a great opportunity to leave something your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren can read, and know you better as a result.

They say that life is lived forward but only really understood backwards. Your reflections will clarify your thinking. Your stories matter. Your perspective on things matters.

If it seems overwhelming, start small. Write a report or synopsis. Take a piece of your life or a small part of your knowledge and expertise and make it into a small book. In fact, the more specific and targeted your message, the easier it is to market it.

My good friend, Vic Johnson, has written several books. And one of them goes directly to today’s subject. It’s called How to Write a Book this Weekend—Even if You Flunked English Like I Did. And it’s packed with valuable information on how to write a book, quickly, easily and with the best chance for it being successful. And it's got great ideas on what to write your book about.

In addition, he’s created an entire online course for Getting Rich with Ebooks that you can get started with for under $10.

Download his book (for free) with this link and then take a close look at his online course. You’ll be surprised at how easily you can have your finished product in hand in just a few short weeks—even days if you really go at it.

He’s done the research, made the mistakes and found what’s worked. And in doing so has helped hundreds of people research, write and publish their book.

You cannot go wrong with his free book and his very complete course.

PS: Here's the direct link to the video about Vic’s course, Getting Rich with Ebooks

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