Are You Downsizing? Simplifying? Or Headed Toward Chaos?

Many people in their Golden Years (or approaching them) look to downsize their home and reduce their expenses. I’m not interested in downsizing (at least for now), but I am totally committed to simplifying what I do and how I do it—both personally and professionally.

If you’ve been around me and SuccessNet very long, you’ve probably heard of my favorite acrostic—SODA. I coined it over 20 years ago. It stands for Simplify, Organize, Delegate or Automate.

This article focuses on Simplification.

I see it all the time with coaching and consulting clients. Their lives and their enterprises grow in complexity, resulting in confusion, chaos and overwhelm.

It’s a natural evolution. The longer we live, the older and bigger our business gets, the more convoluted it becomes.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple after they started losing money, one of the first things he did was cut the number of computer models they built and sold. They had diluted their marketing efforts and weakened their brand. This one correction was a large part of their profitable come-back.

Less, often is, more. With too many products and services, too many marketing messages and too many processes, we dull our benefit to our customers and overwhelm ourselves and our team.

Part of our success strategy for ourselves and our business is to recognize this natural tendency and remain diligent about simplifying everything we can. De-cluttering, organizing and simplifying is something we have to do. Disorder, complexity and dilution is the enemy of our productivity and effectiveness.

Every week I practice SODA.

So what will you do this week to simplify your life and/or business? I challenge you to come up with some action steps to simplify or even eliminate something.

Here’s what I’m doing . . .

I have an account with a credit union that I just don’t use much. I have a savings account, checking account and a credit card attached to this account. And as much as I like this credit union, it’s just not as convenient as our bank and this week I’m closing the account all together.

SuccessNet owns over 30 domains. And they are almost all set to renew automatically. This week, I’ve set most of them them to manual, and I will let nearly half of them expire.

Most of my bill payments are set up to automatically be paid. This week, I’m setting up at least two more on Auto-Pay.

It’s a start. And once your mind-set is focused in this direction, it becomes easier—and even fun. NOT doing it is the path to complexity and sometimes chaos. Are you up for the challenge?

I’m also looking at our long list of products and will soon discontinue a good number of them so we can focus on those things that create the most value for you. For a short list of the many, go to our STORE at the top of this page.

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