Top Seven Services We Use and Recommend

We get asked often about what services we use so we thought we'd share with you our top ten favorites. This way, you can save yourself substantial time, energy and frustration trying to find the right one.

We use all of these ourselves and recommend them without hesitation. Some are even our own ;-)

1. 1Automation - eCommerce Solution
This is what we use for broadcasting to our mailing list, our affiliate program, autoresponders and shopping cart. It's the one service that we couldn't be without. Free 30-day trial.  

2. Teleconference/Webcasting with Recording
This is the service we use the most for our online trainings and conferencing. Participants can attend via phone or the web. It's an outstanding service for very little expense. 21-day trial for only $1.

3. Lead Generator
An opt-in web page creator with a boatload of features to make lead conversions a snap. And you can try it for only $1. Take the quick tour to see for yourself how this service can dramatically grow your online business. 

4. Website Hosting Services
Host Gator provides shared, reseller and dedicated web hosting solutions. Their services are designed for both beginners and professionals. We use them for a majority of our websites and highly recommend their plans. Great control panel makes managing a website a breeze. As low as $4.95/month.

They offer one of the most competitive price points and their support is stellar. You can’t go wrong with HostGator.

5. Backup (you DO back up, right?)
We use Mozy to back up all our critical files to a remote location. We still back up locally to a portable hard drive every night, but Mozy runs each night, too. For less than $5 per computer, we consider it an excellent buy for peace of mind.

6. Traffic Geyser
Get your videos distributed all over the Web. This system makes it unbelieveably easy to unleash the power of online video to drive traffic, leads and sales. Sign up for the videos. They're really good and they're free!

7. Send Out Cards
Have real (not virtual) greeting cards or postcards mailed to whomever you want for pennies. It's easy, inexpensive and the service can even earn you money.

PS: These ten indispensable services are also in the SuccessNet Resources Book. And it has just been updated with even more valuable resources. Get your updated copy at

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