Increase Your Success Rate with Intentions and Commitments

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Do you know exactly what you intend to do this week and next? Are you clear on your top three goals, your most important projects and the most effective action steps you will take to make it a successful week?

Most people are not.

There are a variety of reasons for this. Sometimes it's because you haven't been sold on the value of this type of focus. Sometimes because you lack clarity around what you really want. And sometimes you're overwhelmed by all the other "busy" stuff in your life. You can probably think of many others.

But I have a simple system for overcoming these challenges.

As you may know, I personally lead scores of clients in helping them grow themselves and their businesses. These Diamond Club members meet with their mastermind teams each week to get clear, stay focused and be accountable to one another. I also provide twice monthly trainings on topics that will help them not only achieve their goals but position themselves for ongoing and lasting success.

We have a number of systems we use to support these members in gaining confidence, increasing discipline and developing habits that make success itself a habit.

One of the systems we recently added to the program was an easy-to-use form for reporting their progress and stating their intentions and commitments.

This simple process has dramatically improved the productivity of every team member using it. I use it myself and have experienced similar results. It has shortened the reporting time during mastermind meetings, and it has provided much more enhanced accountability. We're getting more of the right things done.

By filling out this form at the end of the week, it compels the user to think briefly about the week past and begin planning the week ahead.

It addresses our top three goals and our current projects supporting those goals. It provides a place to document what worked, what didn't and what we are committed to doing in the next 7 days. It also asks what help we need from our team as well as a summary for notes, challenges, wins, etc.

Whether or not you are part of a mastermind team—and I hope you are—you can benefit from this system.

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