Are You Still Using a To-Do List?



Using the old-fashioned To-Do list is better than no tool at all. But there really are much more effective tools you can use to efficiently manage your projects and tasks.

I’ve used dozens of different systems over the years to try and tame the task tiger. I’m a power user of Outlook and I still use index cards to make notes and write down the 3 to 7 things I want to do or focus on today.

In Outlook, I am a big fan of the calendar and the contacts list which sync up nicely with my Blackberry.

But until recently, every system I tried had its limitations, didn’t mesh well with other things I was using or was TOO powerful—and complicated—for my needs.

If you want to get things done—especially while working with staff, contractors and partners—you need a system that everyone can use and interact with.

A couple of years ago, our friend Rick Raddatz shared with us his idea for just such a system. And now, after going through several programmers, lots of testing and several big obstacles, he’s got it.

It’s called BizPad.

Rick is the founder of Xiosoft and creates tools and services for entrepreneurs. He’s one of the smartest and most innovative guys we know. He is also the creator of Audio, Video and Lead Generator as well as Instant Teleseminar. We use all of these tools ourselves.

And we’ve been using BizPad here at SuccessNet since it first came out. We use it not only internally but also with contractors or anyone we would like to assign a task or keep abreast of what’s getting done—or NOT getting done.

We see this as a must-have tool.

We encourage you to watch the short video and try it out for only a dollar.

It’s one of those systems that has to be seen and USED in order for you to realize just how effective it is. It’s simple, easy to use and quick to learn.

I find it helps me think more clearly and have easy access to resources attached to projects and tasks.

Take it for a test drive and see how great it feels to get things done—easier, faster and with excellent tracking capability.

What Does Bizpad Do?

1. Systemizes Your Business
2. Manages Your Projects
3. Replaces eMail
4. Maximizes Productivity
5. Gets You Organized
6. Delegates Tasks!
7. Frees Your Cluttered Mind
8. Stores Company Knowledge
9. Manages Employees
10. Increases Business Value
11. Manages Client Relationship
12. Increases Accountability

Go here to watch the short video (that’s Rick doing the video) . . .

And try it out for just a dollar.

Once you try Bizpad, you’ll wonder how you got by without it.


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