The Art of Inspiration

What exactly is inspiration? We often talk about being inspired—inspired to do some thing, a feeling of inspiration: "I felt inspired." We speak about inspiring people: "She's an inspiring speaker."

The word inspire comes from the word spirit, the Latin spîritus, meaning breath, which was derived from the verb spîrâre 'breathe'. In the Augustan period, it gradually began to take over as the word for soul.

For me, inspiration is something that touches me deep within my soul. I feel it. It's a connection with something bigger than myself. And I like it. Most people do.

Is it possible to be inspired all the time—to stay in touch with something higher than ourselves, to be motivated, enthusiastic—connected? I believe it is.

Inspiring People
An important key to being inspired is to associate with people who are inspiring.
They're the kind of people you just feel better being around. You feel more stimulated—more alive. An inspiring person is someone who helps us see and believe in our highest good—some one who helps draw out the very best that's within us.

Conversely, we also want to stay away from people who bring us down.

An inspirational person empowers us to stay motivated and excited about our dreams. They're someone with a vision for a better world. They challenge us to dig deep and encourage us through the tough times.

Inspiring people are good role models. They model excellence and give us some thing to which to aspire. They share themselves. They're authentic.

Stimulating Ideas and Reminders
In addition to people, good books, tapes and movies can provide impetus for our inspiration. They stimulate our thinking. What we read isn't as important as what the reading causes us to think. We feed our bodies every day—hopefully with good fuel. We need to feed our minds every day as well. Anything that reminds us of who we are and what we're capable of becoming is a valuable tool indeed.

Staying focused on our dreams and our commitment to them is key to staying inspired. Affirmations can be very helpful here.

Music can touch us at a vibratory level in ways that can stimulate and tap the imagination. Music can get us out of our head and more into our heart. Find the music that moves your soul and play it—often.

Our Environment
Where we live, work and play can have a significant influence upon our level of inspiration. The visual, auditory, kinesthetic and even olfactory effect of our surroundings can dramatically impact our ability to operate at our best. It's hard to be inspired when our personal environment is depressing. Clean up and spruce up your personal space and see
what a difference it makes. 

Time alone is critical to tapping into our divinity. Most of us are human doings instead of human beings. Too much emphasis is placed on doing things and not enough on pondering the meta-physical mustiness—to tapping into divine ideas.

It matters not what you call it—meditation, prayer or solitude—communing with our Higher Power is essential to bringing out our full potential.

I wish for you to realize your full and divine potential. I wish for you to live a life of excellence—a life of excitement and joy. I wish for you to be inspired and inspiring.

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