New Beginnings

In many ways, September is like the beginning of the year. Jews actually celebrate a new year this month with Rosh Hashanah. No matter your religious connection, Happy New Year!

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the kids are back in school and summer vacations are over. For most of us, it's back to business.

September is one of my favorite months. The days are cooler and drier here in Vermont. After the kids are back in school, we seem to have more routine in our household. It feels more conducive to getting things done, and things take on a different flavor as far as work is concerned.

It's time to recommit to the goals we set in January.

There’s a lot to be said for new beginnings, and it works well to have waypoints and benchmarks to guide us along. But the truth is EVERY DAY is a new beginning. Every day we’re blessed with the chance to start all over again.

The past does not equal the future. It’s true that if you didn’t plant any seeds yesterday, you won’t have any plants to cultivate or harvest today. But that shouldn’t stop you from planting some today!

Each morning we’re given a brand new opportunity to change, experience, share, learn, taste, love, grow, work, play and be. We can stop doing what didn’t work and start doing something else.

We all get discouraged. We all get sidetracked. We all lose our focus from time to time. We all fail, but that doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is that we recommit every day to being our best. What matters is that we not lose sight of our dreams and begin anew with every sunrise.

That’s why having support systems is so important. A coach who challenges and encourages us can make all the difference. Having a Success Team (MasterMind) can do the same. Reading good books, listening to good tapes and, of course, being a member of SuccessNet keeps us on track and increases our belief in ourselves and our dreams.

Those we admire for their successful achievements did not do everything perfectly—and neither will we. The process of success is just that—a process. It’s a game of constant failure, correction, improvement, discovery, regrouping and recommitting.

It’s the one who stays with it that wins in the end. When things don’t work, when discouragement sets in, it’s the one who starts again the next morning who succeeds.

I’m often asked what I consider to be the key factors of success. Certainly one of the most essential is consistency. Staying on purpose—and getting back on purpose when we’re sidetracked—will do more to insure our success than anything else.

We must constantly start over. And that’s what new years, Septembers and mornings are for. Let’s get to it.

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