I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going to Take it Any More

Our motivation comes from a desire to move toward things we want or away from things we don't want—sometimes it's both. And when it comes to making useful changes, it really doesn't matter which way we're motivated.

Many extraordinary things have come from people being fed up with a situation because their disgust moved them to do something about it.

I remember getting an overdraft notice on my checking account a few years ago. It was my fault. It was a $25 charge and it was totally unnecessary—a senseless waste of money. And it had happened too many times before. I got mad and I resolved it would never happen again. And it hasn't.

For some people, it might be getting a maxed-out credit card statement with over-limit charges and an interest rate that's way too high. The recipient says, "I've had it. I'm not doing this anymore." They use their disgust as a turning point and make the changes to get control of their debt and their finances.

Getting sick and tired of being sick and tired can be a very positive thing. It can be the catalyst that turns your life in new directions and creates all kinds of good things for you and others.

What is it in your life that could become a lever for change? When are you going to get disturbed enough to take action and produce sustainable results?

There are things we all have in our life that we tolerate. There are habits, experiences and results we wouldn't likely allow had they entered our lives all at once. But because they start small, they gradually grow unnoticed until they become substantial and even embarrassing. But we get to decide at what point it just becomes too much.

When we take the bull by the horns and eradicate it from our life, we win—big time. We feel more powerful. We're no longer at the effect of circumstances, we're in charge of our circumstances.

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