Dust Off Your Dreams

Aleta Pippin

Spring has sprung. The trees are budding. Flowers blooming. There's a feeling of anticipation and excitement in the air. A sense of newness fills you with hope. You look forward to the days getting longer AND warmer. 

Let's put those feelings of enthusiasm, excitement and hope to use. Let's get your dreams out of the mothballs of your mind, dust them off and infuse them with energy ready to launch. What's your dream? Do you have one? Is it something that excites you right down to your toes when you think about it? Or did you bury it long ago out of frustration that you couldn't seem to get it launched? Whether you've buried it or it burns brightly within you, let's get the launching pad set up and get that dream moving.

A dream is something that inspires you to move forward. When you consider your dream, you're filled with excitement and passion. You can ignite that passion and excitement for your dream through the process of visualization. Visualization is the most powerful process available to humankind to make life changes. Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more powerful than knowledge." He used the power of imagination to develop the theory of relativity by imagining himself riding a rocket into outer space.

To use the power of visualization, you must evoke your senses and emotions. Usually when people spend time visualizing, it's as if they're looking through the lens of a camera at their little self. It's as if your visualization is something outside of you. That's not visualization. For visualization to work, you must "feel" as if you're actually LIVING your vision. 

By using the power of visualization repeatedly, you're actually programming your subconscious to act as a compass leading you toward your dreams. More than that, when you use the process of visualization AND you pay attention to how you feel while you're doing it, you'll uncover your true beliefs, at a gut level. 

Those beliefs must be in agreement with you living your dreams. If they're not, your job is to spend enough time in visualization that those beliefs and your dreams become congruent.

Next you must have the courage to step out and take the action necessary to achieve your dreams. If you've spent enough time in visualization, you'll be full of ideas to make your dream manifest. And in fact, you'll probably experience opportunities presenting themselves to you, doors opening and people coming forward to support you.

Lastly, remember to appreciate yourself as you move forward. If you'll spend time reviewing your life since childhood, I'll bet you will discover a lot of things to appreciate about your awesome self. You have made great strides. Consider where you are in your life right now from those meager beginnings.


Follow these steps:

1. Set a clear intention toward achieving your goal. This can be your ultimate dream or a mini-goal along the way.

2. Chart the course you believe is necessary to attain it. This is where visualization comes in.

3. Gather the necessary tools and techniques. 

4. Take action.

5. Meet any challenges.

6. Incorporate the new information discerned from the challenge.

7. Review your initial goal in light of the new information.

8. Re-establish or revise the goal and, importantly . . .

9. Begin again.

Aleta Pippin. Take control of your future. Unleash the Authentic Entrepreneur within. 

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