Are You The Next Oprah or Bill Gates?”

Discover if you’re a natural General, or perhaps have similar leadership styles to John F. Kennedy, Oprah or Bill Gates. Choose the ONE below numbered item that best describes your leadership style. Then scroll down to the SELF TEST ANSWERS to learn what famous leader you  resemble . . . or perhaps get a clue to an exciting personal destiny!

(1) I like to inspire others to my beliefs . . . then let  them take the necessary self-directed actions.

(2) I am non-emotional and like to just jump in  and drive my team to achieve the goal at hand.

(3) I like to develop a general overall strategy  before I assign goal-directed responsibilities.

(4) I like to micro-analyze the challenge and  know exactly what it will to take to Achieve a goal.

(5) I like to set a specific long-range goal, then  use a HANDS OFF approach to management.

(6) I just seem to KNOW when something will  work, and use TRIAL AND ERROR to guide my team.

(7) I enjoy a lot of personal interaction with my  team, and like to receive their input as we go along.

Self-Test Answers

1. You’re a CHARISMATIC leader. Your strong point  is your personal magnetism. You easily communicate  inspiring ideas. Your inspiration motivates a team to belief and action. Your type of leadership is most like Gandhi or Martin Luther King.

The team identifies with your energy . . . and by your deep level of commitment. You inspire others to:

  • Commit to a shared purpose or goal  
  • Help brainstorm new approaches to challenge  
  • Express their beliefs  

2. You’re a GOAL-ORIENTED leader. You use logic, reason and planned behavior tools to achieve team  success. You're mentally tough, in control and  communicate well. Your focus is on teamwork and making sure goals are achieved. You’d make a fabulous General or big-time CEO! You motivate your team using:

  • Schedules and coordinated action  
  • Clearly stated procedures  
  • Organization  
  • Detailed facts and plans

3. You’re a STRATEGIC leader. You have objective  left-brain leadership skills. You’re a true rational  problem solver. You love to analyze a situation . . . and lay out an overall team strategy to achieve the  goal. You’re like Henry Ford–father of the modern assembly-line method of manufacturing! You manage using logical tools to:

  • Analyze and compare several approaches  
  • Determine the most promising approach   
  • Set clear goals  
  • Decide who is best for what task  

4. You’re a TASK-ORIENTED leader with strong detail-oriented analytical skills. You have a special talent  for micro-analyzing a problem or goal . . . and pre- determining exactly how much time will be needed,  how much money will be required, etc. to ensure  success. You’re a natural Chief Financial Officer! You tend to:

  • Analyze exactly what tasks are required
  • Pre-establish methods and procedures  
  • Assign specific tasks and guidelines
  • Keep a project tightly organized

5. You’re a VISIONARY leader. You like to create  a goal vision, then initiate action to achieve it. You can start projects, but may prefer to be more  of a "hands off" manager. You seem to be a John  F. Kennedy-type leader! 

  • You ensure team success by:
  • Creating a long-range goal  
  • Defining an overall strategy
  • Attracting others to manage  
  • Keeping others inspired

6. You’re an INTUITIVE leader. You don’t prefer  rational step-by-step reasoning to make decisions.  You just seem to know when something will work,  often without logical evidence. Your wisdom isn’t  explained with logic. You’re a shoot-from-the-hip  “young Bill Gates” type leader!

You tend to:

  • Have, and follow, hunches  
  • React quickly and intuitively  
  • Use trial and error to solve problems  

7) You’re an INTERACTIVE leader. You’re deeply  aware of the feelings and emotions of others. You  have great leadership skills and are a relationship  expert. You communicate easily, are spontaneous  and show your feelings openly. You’re one of those rare, loyalty-inspiring "down in the trenches"  type leaders like Oprah!

You tend to: 

  • Maintain strong relationships  
  • Stay in touch with your staff  
  • Express genuine concern for others


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