What's Your Vision?

Constructing Your Vision Statement I had a discussion earlier this week with one of the speakers for our upcoming SuccessNet Summit in September,

This expert asked me a question I usually have no trouble answering.

The question was, “What is your vision for SuccessNet?”

Because we'd been talking about some very big ideas, and because I have great respect for this person, I wanted to give a thoughtful response.

And I found it hard to answer. I struggled with it because I am in the engaging process of constructing the new vision for our global network.

You see, my vision for SuccessNet has been largely achieved.

We're one of the most trusted organizations on the Web for personal and professional development. We have nearly 100,000 subscribers in 142 countries. And we make a difference every day in people's lives.

Our company provides me and my family the highest income I've ever earned—and the freedom and lifestyle to go with it. I also love what I do.

But now, after more than 12 years, I want to create a new vision. And it's a project I'm very excited about.

A company's mission rarely changes. It may be refined and even expanded, but it's fairly static. It's the direction in which you are going. Ours is to inform, inspire and empower people and companies to be their best.

Our vision, on the other hand, needs to be reviewed more often. It needs to be sharpened with experience and molded in view of changes and trends in the industry.

What's YOUR vision? Can you articulate it in a way that engages and inspires? Do you have a sparkle in your eyes when you share it with others?

How big do you want your company to be? What do you want to be known for? Who will you serve? How many will you serve?

And in what unique ways will you serve them? What will be the experience of your customers? What role will your company play in the community?

What will you offer as products and services? What will the culture of your company look like and feel like? What is your revenue going to be?

Your vision statement should answer these questions and more.

All successful companies have a clear and inspiring vision. And creating—or recreating—your vision is worthy of your best efforts.

It needs to be clear. It needs to paint a vivid picture.

A grand vision is like a giant magnet attracting and inspiring people that will help bring it to fruition.

Is it easy? Not very often.

But it is fairly simple. And once created, it becomes a guiding force that drives the company an the people in it.

We've created a great little report called, How to Write an Inspiring Vision Statement. I'm using it myself to construct the next vision for SuccessNet.

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