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Sunday, May 17, 2009

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May 19, 1 PM ET You're Never Upset for the Reason You Think Interview with Layne & Paul Cutright

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June 12-14 jvAlert Live in Washington, DC

June 15 Diamond Club Round Table in Washington, DC
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November 6, 7 & 8: SuccessNet Summit in Dallas, TX
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How are You at “Cooking” in Your Business?
No, I’m not talking about cooking the books. I’m talking about how starting and growing a business is like cooking a meal.

To cook something well, you have to have the right ingredients, the proper tools, and you have to use them in the correct order.

Sure you can deviate a little from the recipe. You may not have to have EVERY single ingredient. You can even substitute and change the sequence a bit. But if you wander too far afield, the results are quite unpredictable—maybe even disastrous.

And once you become a seasoned cook (sorry about the pun) you can make an entire meal without looking at a recipe. You can even make do with the ingredients you have on hand and come up with something very good.

But “winging it” like that with your business, gambling with your assets and resources—with people’s livelihoods—is simply not very smart.

What’s your recipe for success in business?

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Quote du jour
 “An upset is an opportunity to see the truth.”

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