No Matter What They Say, Knowledge is NOT Power!

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MicrosoftAccessWhen it comes to creating your best life and business, knowledge and information is critical. But knowledge alone is not enough. We have to have access to that knowledge and we have to manage that knowledge. It’s the USE of knowledge that creates power.

In your business, and even in your personal life, it’s paramount that you have easy access to accurate, meaningful and practical data. But I find few people who have this advantage in their favor.

One of the latest popular tools is having “dashboards”—meaningful metrics to stay on top of our most important performance factors. But where does this information come from, and how do we assure its reliability?

Enter the all-powerful, often misunderstood and much forgotten database.

A database can be as simple as a telephone directory. Remember those?

Or a database can be a much more relational, complex and calculating one.

Either way, you need databases that can easily collect, report and present data in a way that you can use to effectively track and manage your business.

Fortunately for me, I’m married to a master database developer. Dawn has been creating and improving databases for her clients for almost 20 years. She excels at many things, but databases are her forte.

She’s usually so busy that she cannot take on more clients, but right now she has an opening for one, maybe two, new clients.

Are your databases up to par? Download Dawn’s 12-Point Database Project Checklist to gain insight into creating or improving a database. It will help you evaluate how you collect, report and manage the important information in your business—and even your personal life.

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