What Do You Really Really Want?

Goal Planner Do you know what you want? Are you sure?

Mark Twain said it over a hundred years ago: “I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is I can't find anybody who can tell me what they want.”

And it's as true today as it was in the 1800s.

Most of the people I talk with do NOT know. They might think they know, but most don't.

I've been doing an informal survey recently and less than 10% can tell me clearly what they want to achieve. Less than TEN PERCENT! And this is from asking some pretty knowledgeable and sophisticated people.

I just put up a survey (bottom left of our home page) and the question is, “What Do You Think You Need Most to Succeed?” I invite you to participate in this poll.

Already, the top answer is “More Clarity on How to Achieve What You Want”.

The what and the why are always more important than the how. The how is the easy part.
So here's what I see as some of the best ways to get clear on what you want.

What's Important to You?
It starts with knowing yourself and knowing what's important to you. Do you know what your core values are? If you understand what matters most to you, you'll find all the choices you need to make are much easier. The clarity that comes from discovering your core values will position you to gain more fulfillment and experience less frustration.

There's a very popular course on discovering and living your core values at http://YourCoreValues.com

A Mastermind Team
One valuable source of support for you to get clear—and stay clear—on what you want is a mastermind team. Being able to bounce things off from a trusted group makes a huge difference. If you don't have a Master Mind, resolve to form one now. If you already have one, put your best into it—and get all you can out of it. You can even join one that's just forming if you want to be part of my Diamond Club.

Getting clear on what you DON'T want is also a good place to start. Sometimes it's the best way to figure out what you want.

We recommend keeping a Tolerations List. This is where you record the things in your life you are tolerating. Things that are broken, worn out, don’t feel god or look good. Anything that makes you feel bad.

The idea isn’t to dwell on these things but to bring them to light, so you can see what need eliminating. It's amazing how fast they get handled just by writing them down.

The opposite of what you don't want can be candidates for things you do want. Having an aging wardrobe can lead to the goal of buying a new one. A toleration of credit card debt can lead to the goal of paying all cards in full every month.

Your Dream List
I recommend keeping a list of everything you've ever wanted. Write down anything that strikes your fancy. They won’t all become goals, but many of them will. It's fun to tap into this well of ideas. Let yourself dream.

Make Sure You Choose What YOU Want
Clear out any expectations that others have of you. Often we get confused because we think the things others want for us belong to us. They don't.

A hint that you're getting close to your own wants is the feeling that goes with it. Our own wants will have a lot of energy around them (excitement, thrill, enthusiasm, etc). If you feel low energy about something, it's probably not something you want or you associate it with too much work and effort to get it.

Invest the Time
Most of our lack of confusion comes from not taking the time to think about what we really want.

Block out some time to think, to make the lists and to talk about it with someone you trust and respect—and who trusts and respects you. Liken this process to an archeological dig. It's a process of discovery. Rest assured the answers are there.

You might have to dig for awhile, though. It may take a number of sessions, but it will be time well invested, because you'll be working on things you TRULY want—things for which you have passion. You will know once you've hit on the right answers. It will feel GREAT.  

Clarity Does Lead to Power
Once you are certain about what you want, you can be more conscious about your intent. And the more conscious you are regarding your intent, the more probable your extraordinary success.

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Regardless of how you do it, be sure to gain the clarity you need so you spend your life doing the things that truly matter to you. Life is too short to do anything less.

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