Top Questions to Ask about the Worthiness of Your Goals

I believe you can do anything. But you can’t do EVERYTHING.

That’s why choosing and committing to a goal is not something to be done lightly. You are trading your most valuable resources (time, energy, money) for it. And it’s worth choosing wisely.

So how do we choose one goal over another? Which ones should be our top goals? And which should take a back seat–or be tabled for another time?

Here are some questions to help you sort out your priorities when it comes to goal setting.

1. Desire. How much do you want this? What will you feel like when this goal is achieved? Begin with the end in mind and rate your level of desire.

2. Value Contribution. Who is going to benefit from the achievement of this goal? What will you become in the process? How many others could be positively impacted?

3. Believability. How confident are you in reaching this goal? If you can’t believe it, you probably won’t do much to make it happen. Courage is doubt plus commitment, but you have to have sufficient belief–or be willing to acquire it.

4. Time Commitment. If it’s one of your top goals, you should be taking some action toward its accomplishment every week–preferably every day. What do you think you will have to do each week to get your goal?

5. Wow Factor. How would the accomplishment of this goal rank on your Wow Scale? Is it exciting? Does it pass the sparkle test?

6. Other Goals. How compatible is this with your other goals? Are there any conflicts with other important objectives? And if so, how will they or could they be resolved? Is this goal part of a bigger goal or one that stands on its own?

7. TASK. Is this goal a good use of your Talents, Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge? What TASKs will you need to develop or improve upon?

8. Compatibility. Does this goal fit with your core values? Does it violate or run contrary to what you believe?  If you would like to learn how to discover your core values, you can take our most popular course. Click here to find out more . . .

9. Speed to Market. How quickly can this goal be achieved? Is it worth taking that time to achieve it? Could another goal be achieved faster and easier?

10. Financial Risk. What are the monetary risks? What’s the best-case and worst-case scenarios? And can you live with them?

11. Other Risks. What other risks are involved? Emotional? Relationships? Physical? Reputation? There are always risks and they should all be evaluated. Not to consider them is foolhardy. The risks should be worth the attempt.

12. Assistance. Who can help with the accomplishment of this goal? It’s rare that you have to go it alone. And there is usually more help than you might think.

13. The Challenge. Would you be challenged in a good way in going for this goal? If it’s too easy, you won’t be challenged enough to maintain your commitment. And if you are overwhelmed by it, you may never even get started.

I’m sure you’ll think of even more questions, but these should give you a good start.