More/Less, Start/Stop—a Helpful Tool You Can Use Today

I hope that by now you’re well into planning out the New Year.

I trust you have some inspiring goals selected and are refining projects and plans of actions in support of these goals.

One of the tools I employ and recommend to my coaching clients is More/Less, Start/Stop.

It’s a simple process that always leads to greater insight as to what goals, projects, tasks and resolutions we can choose and focus upon to make our life and our business better.

What would you like to have more of and what would you like to have less of in the year ahead? Here are a few ideas that should get you thinking:

  • More reading and less TV
  • Be more proactive and less waiting for things to happen
  • More order and less clutter
  • More clarity, less distraction
  • More networking, less isolating
  • More vegetables, less carbs
  • More planning, less reacting

Another exercise with a slightly different twist is listing what you want to start doing and what you want to stop doing. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Start getting up earlier, stop sleeping in
  • Start saving, stop debting
  • Start working out at the gym, stop being a couch potato
  • Start building a mailing list, stop chasing customers
  • Start getting rid of things and stop hoarding
  • Start doing, stop wishing

Practicing the Start/Stop, Less/More method will help you get clearer on ways you can design, plan, create and live your best life.

As always, I recommend “Correction without Invalidation”. Don’t be hard on yourself. Make changes without making yourself wrong. It’s what a self-actualized person does. What you did or did not do yesterday or last year is just as over as World War I.

The Best Life Navigator™ is our system for designing, planning, creating and tracking the many areas of your life and business. It’s meant to be customized to your own personal preferences. And the Start/Stop, Less/More methodology is just one of dozens of clarity, productivity and achievement parts of The Navigator.

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