How to Choose the RIGHT Goals for Yourself

Your Core Values CourseMost people don’t have written goals and never get to live their best life.

I know that’s not you. You have goals—hopefully written down with plans of action and target dates for completion. That alone puts you in the top five percent.

But the SELECTION of your goals is not talked about much. Any goal pursued has benefit, for sure. If it challenges you, it makes you stronger. Ultimately, it’s who you become in the process that really matters.

But because you’re exchanging your valuable time, energy and talents in the achievement of your goals, choosing them carefully is critical.

I believe you can accomplish anything you want—but not EVERYTHING you want. Every goal you choose to pursue has an opportunity cost, as it may prevent you from going after something else.

So how do you choose your goals and establish their priorities? I think it’s paramount that you have clarity as to your core values, a meaningful purpose and an inspiring vision of how to accomplish that purpose.

With that you can select goals that are in alignment and in support of those values, your purpose and your vision. Unless you make your choices with this in mind, you’ll miss out on more meaningful and significant accomplishment.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to build this foundation so the selection of your goals is easier, more effective and truly helping you to design, create and live your best life.

Our best-selling online course on Core Values has recently been updated and reformatted into eight short video lectures along with some great resources on This course will get you clear on your top five core values and start you on discovering (or refining) your purpose, mission and vision.

And that will enable you to make MUCH better choices when it comes to selecting goals for living your best life—with more purpose, passion and possibilities.

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